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Personally, this is the first beat em up made good, Streets of Rage is a simple game nowdays with few mechanics, but with a great soundtrack that makes the experience so much better, this is one of these arcade games that i replay sometimes just for fun, a classic that everyone has to play once one time in they lives.

I played soooo many times this game since i was 8 yo, now im about to turn 20 and i can't just get tired of enjoying this game, the gameplay feels so natural, but for some reason people says "I can't stand these controls, Mario moves weird" the only thing that aged bad in this game is the camera and obviously his graphics, but i don't mind on it because is literally the first game of the Nintendo 64 and the first 3D Platformer being really a good game, i love how videogame developers was trying everything they can for make fresh experiences with that many limitations, this game literally sizes 8mb, 8mb of pure fun

This is the most frantic and funny game i had ever played on the Nintendo 64, i love this game for it history, gameplay, cinematics and his incredible style, i really think this is a hidden gem of the gaming and EVERYONE on this world has to play it NOW