This review contains spoilers

Overall enjoyed this chill interactive movie. The only thing I dislike is that in the "Parting ways" eding Shaun is briefly shown on the photo for 3 seconds.
P.S. I wish the game let you romance Lyla :(

A good remaster even though parts 2 and 3 only got slightly retextured. Also a good decision to put all games in one launcher for convenience.

Be sure to try it out if you still hasn't!

Салам играм мэйл ру

I thought people overall disliked this game. Glad to see I'm wrong :)

Салам играм мэйл ру

Thank you for all the joy you bring me.

After replaying again in 2022 got a little disappointed by the need to drive from across the map to a 1 new race and because of the obligation to pump your visual rating to 10 stars to be able to progress through story.

I got lucky to discover this game when there was a ton of community mods and fixes and by playing this way I can say that this is one of the best vampire games out there and a great RPG also.

Legit enjoyed game AND a movie. Not feeling guilty about it.
A solid 2/5, probably doesn't deserve ALL the hate it gets.