All press is good press as they say, right?

I think the most entertainment you can get out of this one is the lparchive that keeps devolving into a more tired mentality, slowly losing sanity to the game's discombobulate mess that grasps at nostalgic straws. The game released in a very hacked together way, but the changes and patches didn't really reveal a charming core, instead something that feels almost insecure. It's dark in a 00s fanfiction edgy way, but not quite carrying that energy into some real heart or message. It's genuinely hollow, and even the worst pokemon game has a more earnest understanding of life, people, and childhood sentiments than this shit. Radioactive my ass this isotope is as inert as they come.

Reviewed on Oct 14, 2021


1 month ago

don't you think you're being rather harsh on a fangame that has several hours of work and effort put into it? like i think even if you disagree with the themes and tone of the game you have to admit that there's like a significantly large amount of passion and care that was put into this.

1 month ago

honestly that's fair. You're right. I think it's clear in dev stuff and interviews/blogposts that they had a lot of effort put into it, it's just difficult for me to really experience that or see that it exists ingame. I think i'll edit in an apology of some sort that kind of addresses that. I still think it's dogshit, but it's not dogshit from some company or whatever