Indie horror aficionado. Lesser known games are my specialty!
PLEASE NOTE: I do not necessarily need to have "finished" a game to give it a proper score. However, in the majority of cases I will have completed it for the sake of fairness. But if a game is too difficult for me to finish, and, as is characteristic of certain obscure indie games, does not have a heavy emphasis on story (or if I am extremely familiar with a particular title and am qualified enough to give it a rating), I may still submit a score and/or review.
The ratings I assign are based off of a mixture of my own personal opinion and objective analysis of various aspects of a game's composition, so scores alone are not necessarily a fully accurate depiction of my own personal "feelings" on a title, but rather an analysis of the game's quality from a (somewhat) unbiased stance. Additionally, my ratings/reviews do not reflect any personal endorsement or rejection of a game's content or creator.
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