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Tbh this isn't even the worst game I've ever played and it has some nice ideas, but it's not very interesting at the same time either. There's some unironic enjoyment in the combat for me and being able to specialize sounds really cool but unfortunately it does suffer from needing to level a specific way to get around difficulty spikes easier and counteract the fact enemies will only drop items if you have 0 of that item on hand and no way to buy more. It's definitely a bit overhated, but it's not like it should be loved either

Fantastic game and well worth preparing by playing most the previous games in the series for, but even if you haven't it's just as good a newcomer experience I feel. There's only a few missions I really loathed (all NG++) because of specific enemies like the ones that are Armored Core equivalents of those little bone wheel fuckers from Dark Souls but overall wasn't enough to ruin the experience I had from start to end with this one. Fantastic game and well worth the three full playthroughs to see everything.

This improved AC4 so so so much for me in every way it's kinda crazy. The arena implementation and how it changes depending on the route was great, the missions themselves were really fun and solid, the game wasn't as pushover easy as 4 (it even has one of the hardest missions in the entire series depending on which route you go) and I was super engaged in the story. The Armored Fortresses were so fucking cool man.