MediEvil 2019

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I've found a new game to play every October.
I love the aesthetics of this game so much: The excellent music and designs that walk a perfect line between disturbing and cartoonish, Tim Burton would be proud. The main character has a really novel backstory and the short levels are excellent for anyone looking to play the game in short bursts. The writing can be pretty amusing as well.
Sadly, It's true that most of the other characters are forgettable, the combat is really basic, and the weapon degradation system is Breath-of-the-Wild levels of frustrating. Most upgrades are also pretty redundant, mostly serving the same purpose and replacing a weapon you just got, making progression somewhat unsatisfying.
In summary: I didn't think MediEvil was anything groundbreaking, but I did think it was a lot of fun, and perfect game to get me in the mood for Halloween.