Finally played through this game since it was added to NSO.
What a weird Mario game. I liked the Megaman inspired structure where you can go to the different worlds in the order of your choosing. Since it doesn't have the power ups like Megaman, it makes the difficulty flat line, but since the run time is so short, I didn't mind.
The zones feel fresh where Mario games have become stale in the same zones being used over and over. The Halloween inspired zone, Mario zone, Space zone, all really cool. With these weird zones comes a bunch of weirdo enemies, I loved having a bunch of freaks instead of the usual Goomba's and Koopa's (though those still exist).
Not a game I see myself revisiting very often, but it feels like a bizarre time capsule experimental game for Mario, which are few and far between within the long history of the series.

Reviewed on Feb 28, 2023