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Goes so hard idc. The themes it brings up about alienation and how people deal with what that entails are explored in such fascinating ways, like the only things that come close for me in that regard are sayaka murata's books and (maybe) cows by matthew stokoe. I don't think I can actually say anything fully coherent about this game that gets across how much it means to me but it's probably the most influential anything on my own work. This isn't for everyone, hell I'd probably say that it isn't for anyone, but that's the whole point of it and if it tried to defang any of its transgressions I don't think it would work as well as it somehow does.

Surprisingly the most easy to play final fantasy for me I've actually played, I didn't do the thing where I put the game on hold near the end and leave it like I did with others. Now I wanna play stranger of paradise but I'll just move on to 2 because I can't actually play stranger of paradise RIP really curious what it does knowing the ending.

Maybe its because I read the manga when I was a little kid but this has got to have my favourite base plot in a zelda game, the story of some sorceress moving back in time to build a dark tower is sick as fuck, game boy color limitations be damned. Also it has ralph (he fucks).
"Believe it or not, veran is the best zelda villain."
"Elaborate on that."