Wow, some of the genre's sharpest design choices with a minimalistic story that is surprisingly good and plays a tasteful homage to its predecessors. Highly recommend!

“If you ever need a push, I’ll be right there behind you.” GOOD FUCKING LORD THIS GAME

Between light and dark, the pure and the corrupt— the one true struggle…

This review contains spoilers

Yoshi-P, I have to thank you from the bottom of heart for taking yet another risk in leaving out most of the characters players would be most attached to, in doing so created a holistic experience I will be most pleased looking back on it. The grand journey started to save Ishgard invoked a delightful feeling in me, with the non-playable characters tagging along, the vibes were similar to a single player RPG. The conflict at hand was particularly interesting, FFXIV understands that war isn't one sided and adds to the cycle of violence theme in its own way, Nidhogg & Estiniens' parallels were obvious but nice to see anyways however I think it quite ironic that they joined bodies to forcefully continue Nidhogg's quest of vengeance but these things aren't what invested me into this expansion and really the entire game, it was losing a beloved friend and my hero, Haurchefant. Every hero or adventurer has their failures, mine was letting him take the fall. Me, the Warrior of Light and savior of Eorzea, unable to do the one I inspired to take on which was to never let go of my friends. His final words pushed me beyond and it was only with me, I defeated Nidhogg, goodbye to a man I inspire to be and teaching me even in the faces of darkness and hopelessness, that "a smile better suits a hero".
(btw fuck andres for using this quote in the wrong expansion)

While it sounds crazy enough to write a review about a game thats not even OUT LMAO. I why I can 100% confirm that this game will be my favorite game ever when I play it

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