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May 21

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Just feels absolutely awful to play compared to the original version. Like you’re both weighed down and have too much momentum at the same time (but it somehow doesn’t balance each other out). The original version has its own issues too, but it’s still better than this.

This review contains spoilers

Tchia cut off a dude’s hand, jumped out of a plane, and gave him the finger on the way down. IM NOT JOKING. This game is wild.

I thought I was like solid at Tetris, but in order to actually enjoy this game I think I need a very easy mode cause 10 speed starting 60/90 lines in ain’t working for me. (Especially when it takes forever to get there.)
My heart rate seemed to stay stable, but I was also just dying too much for it to be a nice experience?
Edit/Addition: Really do think there should be a chill difficulty because I was not able to enjoy this game the way I wanted and I was suffering through it getting stuck every few levels. With a game that’s supposed to be a meditative journey, why not have a chill difficulty?? Having challenge for the other difficulties is perfectly fine, but why does changing the difficulty to easy literally change nothing!? I’m a complaining baby, but I think I still make a valid point. I was expecting a relaxing chill experience, kinda as advertised and ended up getting really frustrated and annoyed (not to mention some of the music really takes you out of it (by some I mean all of the ones with vocals)). It’s bad (like pretty bad) cheesy pop and I’m saying that as someone who enjoys very basic pop. All electronic instrumentals would’ve be fine, no? Either that or Madeleine McQueen should’ve been the one singing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Video game soundtrack QUEEN!