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Despite the praise it gets, I feel like it is one of the weaker modern walking sims. The story feels disjointed and overextended to me. Didn't hit like I'd hoped - might want to replay it later.

Right now I dont think they should have bothered releasing a standard Xbox One version if its going to be this slow, laggy and poorly optimised. Hopefully i'll be able to try this again at a later time as it looks quite relaxing but otherwise its a sad skip and non-ranking for me.

Haven’t actually played it but it asks for your pronouns and that’s fuckin dope

In Papers Please, you're penalized when you make demonstrably incorrect decisions and/or overlook things that you were clearly instructed to look out for. And if you're ever unsure, there's even a rule book to check to make sure you understand how to succeed. In Mind Scanners, you're penalized when you misinterpret vague and innocuous responses to a futuristic Rorschach test.

Mind Scanners wants to be A Very Important Game about the moral ambiguities of treating psychological disorders but it fails to really say much beyond "treat the illness, not the personality", which might sound deep to somebody in a Psychology 101 class but I'm a psych grad looking for a master's right now and I thought it was just kind of toothless. It doesn't really help that the minigames are very abstract and don't remotely resemble any real psychiatric treatments; this game gets compared to "Papers Please" a lot but what worked there was that the dehumanizing procedures you were asked to perform felt realistic and that's what was so uncomfortable about them.

That said, there is a good representation of the unique relationship a social worker can have with their clients. You need to have the proper emotional distance from them to treat them properly, and yet you can't help but find some people endearing. Occasionally the game brushes up against the more interesting idea during this of "what if somebody's abnormal mental functioning is actually beneficial" but it isn't iterated on enough to feel pointed.



A bit like a film or a tv show, a good change of pace for video games, but to me it'll never have the depth of a good show.



A Hallmark movie in a video game.

Pros: It has a day and night cycle not tied to the real world.

Cons: That means there's no excuse to stop playing it.

The trials, tribulations, pains, sufferings, joys and metaphysics of a found community. And sometimes, that's more than enough.

Seeing Yoké sad broke my heart

The best playable soap opera around, and also you get to plant little gardens

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