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This game made me care about a roguelite.

it’s a bit lacking outside of the sandbox, but it’s one of those games where getting from point A to point B is so ridiculously fun that it hardly even matters if there’s nothing else to it

I mean, I can see how you could take this game the wrong way.

A little comedy sketch which, fortunately, doesn't drag much. You have a laugh, and it ends. Nothing offensive, very inconsequential

It does the bare minimum of what it advertises to do: drawing freely based on random prompts from a computer while exploring a pastel and abstract world. It doesn't do any better than that though. You're better off practicing your drawing skills (in funner ways) than this.

I can't play this game anymore lol. The concept of doodling works just fine, but there are a lot of problems. The color scheme of the overworld is absolutely nauseating for one. The camera has a lot of problems too; the FoV is way too small (and there's no slider or way to adjust from what I can tell) so you're often uncomfortably close to your character, and the camera is way too sensitive and rotates a ton every time you try and mess with it. There's no map on the overworld to try and guide you when you need to submit assignments (I later learned that you can just fall off the overworld to auto-submit). There are more tools to work with so you can expand your doodling ability, but these tools all seem to be scattered between isolated isles, with no real way to travel between them except hopefully respawning randomly on the right isle. And finally, I have no idea how the scoring algorithm really works to get a gauge of how in tune this is. The concept is fine, but the lack of attention just about everywhere else is a huge problem.

Short game about the job of a mortician, I learned a lot about the embalming and cremation process

It's mostly fine, but also totally skippable. Requires way too much walking through maps and I didn't regret checking solution in the walkthrough even once.

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