Less convoluted than Sonic, but much more racist.

Really good game, just exhaustingly long. Took me over a year to finish this, compared to 120 hour Persona 5 which I beat in only two and a half months. Also, please, for your sanity, don’t play the switch port. Crashed at least ten times, and it did not feel good waiting for Daffodil to turn into a freaking pufferfish every time I needed some wood.

Demo was really fun, but the rest of the game not worth your time or money.

Really cute and inventive dishes, but not much to it.

This review contains spoilers

I feel like it’s more fun to think about how amazing all the ideas in this game are, then to play them, at least for me. Every idea is stretched out too long, some of the boss fights are really finicky and not fun (looking at you moon baboon) and who wants to tear apart a freaking stuffed animal limb by limb! I think me and my brother are the only people who aren’t madly in love with this game. I respect it for how ambitious it is, and the million different mechanics it sort of balances well, it also looks gorgeous and has a whole bunch of fun Easter eggs (except for the Oscar one, how many times does he need to mention that he’s said the f-word?). I do appreciate how much joy this game brings others, and how much of a big step forward it is in co-op gaming, but I honestly didn’t have that much fun with it.

Really good until that stupid final boss. Incredibly difficult in every unfair and cheap way. Besides that, worth a play with your best bro.

Ewwwwwww. What a Persona knock-off! Just play Persona 5 instead. Better in EVERY SINGLE WAY. Yeesh

The best part of playing this game was that I had Rina Sawayama stuck in my head the whole time. Love Me 4 Me is dang catchy.

Game sucks, Sherry and Jake deserve better!

Just to quickly explain this game, One Person Story is supposed to be a game giving life lessons, which apparently blur real life and the game (?), and are also hints to each level. Now, let’s get to this garbage!

Oooh boy, this game’s not good! The best way to describe One Person Story is that it’s pretentious. It thinks it knows what it’s talking about, while that could not be further from the truth. It takes a random turn at the end where the narrator wants to commit suicide, while the whole game, she’s just been spewing out generic “inspirational” quotes that you’d find on social media. If there was a build up to that, maybe even mentioning a good while before she turns to that, like maybe that she’s telling herself these meaningless quotes to maker herself feel better, and that it’s not working, and maybe have her commentary get grimmer, and less hopeful, reflecting her degrading mental state, but the game doesn’t do that. If anything it romanticizes suicide, because if you take the jump route instead of the not jump route (I took jump accidentally), her friends end up somehow catching her off of a cliff, and everything was okay again. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. I know I’m not one to talk, because my mental state has never gotten to the point where I ever attempted suicide, but I think it’s pretty obvious that this game doesn’t know what it’s talking about. It just decided to jump on the mental health game bandwagon, and tried to make something deep, meaningful, relatable, and maybe even inspirational, but it falls flat on all of those fronts.

Now, the gameplay, is not engaging or good at all! Just to add on to this already awful game! The gameplay can get annoyingly difficult on certain levels, especially since you don’t have control on the ball “character” itself, and somehow you’re supposed to move it with opening and closing doors, while it just gets stuck on corners most of time, which hampers on the impossible-to-understand timing.

The music is the same piano song for a hundred levels. IT’S THE SAME BORING, BLAND, AND ANNOYING SONG FOR A HUNDRED LEVELS!!! Imagine that, and the game takes two hours to finish. The same song for TWO HOURS.

Bottom line is: If your looking for a good, and educational video game about mental health, this is NOT that!!! DON’T waste your three dollars on it! It is not worth it! Buy something like Hellblade, and maybe Fractured Minds instead (which is a blind recommendation, since I still have to play it, but I have faith in it!).

Edit: Just finished Fractured Minds; it comes from a genuine place, but the execution is really no so good or coherent. Ideas don’t feel very fleshed out, and just bounces from one to the next. I still respect that it was made by one person across a ten month span, and that the majority of the proceeds go to a video game/mental health charity (I forgot the name). It’s worth a try, especially to donate a few bucks, but Hellblade seems like a much safer and better bet.

I’m really excited to get back into this soon, but I’m also really scared because I don’t want my main duder patuter to die, man!