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Thought I'd give this a quick replay before the Phantom Liberty update and goddamn.
Even on a third play through I still love it to pieces.
I still discover new things, I still find it hard to do things that'll hurt the characters I like because I just fall in love with them all over again. I still lose track of time and end up playing till 4 in the morning.
Even after a 3rd play through I am excited for a 4th.
It definitely has its problems but I am more than happy to look past them for everything else. So fucking excited for Phantom Liberty, give me more cyberpunk forever and ever please and thank you <3

Definitely better than the Bardock DLC.
It's really cool to see this era of Dragon Ball be explored and I loved the ground battles, not being able to fly surprisingly adds a lot more charm.
My main issue was just the length, it's pretty short. Also most of it was just cut scenes.
I would love a game that just goes through all of OG Dragon Ball all the way to Super. Would be awesome as shit.
As said, better than Bardock but the Trunks DLC is still peak

I kinda forgot I had this, so while all my physical games are in storage I thought fuck it, why not platinum this? That'll keep me busy. And yeah it did, I like this game.
I think it has a lot of charm, I know people say "oh the gameplay is repetitive and boring"
And while I can kinda agree on the repetitive aspect it definitely never got boring for me. I think they mix things up enough every level to keep you on your toes and if you want a challenge the harder difficulty definitely gives it to you but if you want to just go around blasting people Frank Reynolds style then that's also an option.
I do wish there were some like cosmetics and stuff but oh well.
The skill tree is simple but you do feel rewarded when you get new skills that let you do flashy new moves.
A very solid game, sucks the only way to get it now is buying it second hand. I miss High Moon studios, between this and the Cybertron series they could've gone on to be one of the greats... But alas, those bastards at Activision had their way :(