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No preferences in systems or mediums, gaming is all that matters. I'm on a quest to retroactively log (and review if applicable) every game I played/beat over the course of my 30+ (and counting) years in gaming. My personal rating values for reviews:
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A surprise game from Obsidian Entertainment that once again shows the talent from that studio when it comes to storytelling. I'm not a historian, but as you play the game you can tell a great amount of level and detail has been placed in the setting, time/era, and environment of the game giving it a true "authentic" feeling.
The game is not perfect: it has a somewhat slow start, and the third act has some rough spots but overall this game is great and deserving of the cult-like attention it received. Gameplay is limited to narrative dialogue (no audio) with choices and traversing to town of Tassing in different places to interact with different townsfolk and investigate the mysteries surrounding the game's story. The way the characters are fleshed out as time progresses in the game is great, as well as the world-building, to the point that by the end of the game, you have an interesting familiarity with the setting, characters, and the history surrounding the town.

While it's true that this is the least detailed entry in the ISS games for the N64 (due to being the first game released in the series), I have to take into account the impact this game had when it first released in 1997. It took the already fan-favorite formula of the ISS SNES games and made it better in every department: improved graphics (now 3D thanks to the power of the N64), improved audio with commentators, and improved gameplay using the analog stick for added precision and improvement.
Simply put, there wasn't anything like this when it came out and this became a huge favorite among my friends. The level of detail in this game trumped anything else available at the time (FIFA games were behind).
This is also a very influential game since it paved the way for Konami to explore with 3D soccer games and eventually develop the very popular PES series.

Another very solid entry in the ISS N64 games series. Improvements over ISS 64 are subtle such as more lines for the audio commentary, slightly improved graphics and added miscellaneous details (such as long-sleeve shirts for players in cold weather).