At the time of release, this was by far the most ambitious GTA and perhaps, open-world game to date. GTA V stepped up in the story department by offering better writing and providing different character storylines. The different characters you can control add variety both in terms of gameplay and storyline.
As far as the open-world, it's gigantic with tons of different places to explore, different terrain, a vast selection of transportation means (including cars, trucks, etc) , and more details than ever compared to other GTA games.

Fun online 3rd-person shooter set in the Plants vs. Zombies universe. The modes and mechanics of the game are impressively designed with different classes on both sides (plants and zombies) that are reasonably balanced and work well.
Graphics are colorful and the art direction is great combined with well-designed and fun animations.

The Nintendo DS and 3DS had the Brain Age games. The PlayStation Vita had Smart As... as its own brain training game. Brain exercises were broken into four main categories and the game encouraged daily playing and tracking, as well as earning stars along the training. I prefer the presentation and style of the Brain Age games over this one.

Worm Game is a bonus game released days before the Google Stadia service shutdown. It served as a test game for Google developers to try different features and was offered free of charge to Stadia users as a farewell and thank you gesture.
The game is similar to the classic Snake game where your character (worm) keeps growing as you eat fruit. Collecting coins added to your overall level score. As opposed to some of the classic Snake variants, Worm Game ends upon the player reaching a certain worm length and thus unlocking new levels. Levels have increasing level of difficulty by adding obstacles.
Overall, this was a nice gesture from the Stadia team and the game featured the simple pick up and play nature of the classic Snake games with added features such as online leaderboards, achievements and such.

Good presentation and sprites presented in an isometric and colorful fashion. The puzzle concept of activating bombs in a certain order to clear levels is interesting but the poor controls and overall terrible concept execution and design make this an almosst miserable experience.

This game was developed using the Pico-8 dev tool which is relatively limited and I bought it for less than 20 cents on sale so expectations had to be set accordingly. With that being said, Cyber Badminton 2020 ended up being a disappointing game.
Some pros: cyberpunk theme, early SNES/mode 7 type of vibe that reminded of games like Super Soccer or Pilotwings, silly story mode with aliens invading earth and seeking to play and beat the best badminton player on the planet.
Cons: very bland gameplay, it's tough to know where the ball will be landing and on top of that you have to be extremely accurate with timing the hits with your rackets. Gameplay is overall very shallow consisting in hitting back and forth until the AI messes up. There are some items/power-ups that can be used to add variety to the gameplay but don't end up adding much.
Even at 20 cents or less, this game gets a pass from me.

Great presentation and soundtrack. I'm sure gameplay is fun if you can take the time to learn the physics and master the game but I couldn't bring myself to spend any more time after trying a few missions/levels.

KOF XIII is one of the most beautiful games thanks to its beautifully crafted sprites, smooth animations, and art direction.
Gameplay-wise, this is a solid fighting game but it does require time investment to be proficient at combos and learning the overall fighting mechanics that make the game fun. AI is on the hard side which can be frustrating.

An interesting indie adventure title featuring gameplay mechanics that make use of the character's shadows to progress through the game and solve puzzles. This was one of the first PS4 PS Plus offerings and at the time, they time had some bugs but overall was playable and enjoyable to an extent.
The setting and ambiance are very well done through the game's art direction and soundtrack with a noire and old-school vibe. I was not able to complete the game (got sidetracked) but hopefully one day I can come back to finish it although I doubt my rating will change much.

This was my introduction to the XCOM games and even though I put a decent amount of time into the game, I was never able to complete the last few levels and therefore did not beat the game hence this review is only based on my experience.
Tactical gameplay is great and there is a reason why this is one of the most respected franchises out there when tit comes to tactical and strategy RPGs. Creating your own units and upgrading your base and skills after each mission is completed is fun and forces micromanagement of all the components. RNG outcome is sometimes bull but this is somewhat expected from the XCOM games to the point it's almost a joke among fans of the series at this point.
Playing this on the PS3 was rough due to performance issues (under-powered system and un-optimized version compared to other systems) so if I ever replay this game I will definitely do it on PC via Steam. Graphics are not very detailed and textures are on the low-quality side. Framerate is terrible on this PS3 version.
Despite its performance flaws, XCOM Enemy Unknown is a great tactical game and a good place to start if you are new to the series and perhaps even the genre.

This game served as a showcase for the different PlayStation Vita functions such as gyro controls, touchpad and touchscreen use, etc.
While the game did very good use of these features, the game itself and its characters didn't do much for me and despite putting a decent time into this, I did not had the drive to finish the game.

Witcheye is an enjoyable side-scrolling adventure/action game that stars Mable the Witch in her quest to retrieve stoles items from a wizard and a knight. In order to get her items back she turns into an eye and sets on a quest to retrieve them.
My absolute favorite thing about Witcheye is the art direction and graphics. The game has a retro-inspired SNES-to-GBA era look and feel that is very well done by the developer with tons of background and texture variety as well as great animated sprites for characters and enemies.
Gameplay is both a blessing and a curse for this game. It was definitely designed with mobile gaming in mind, however, it still works (for the most part) well with a controller (played this on the Steam Deck actually). You flick the control stick to send the witcheye in attack mode toward that particular direction. You use face buttons to stop the witcheye in place which can be a useful mechanic for navigation purposes and adjusting movement on the fly. Flicking the control stick can become a bit cumbersome since it doesn't offer the same level of precision movement that regular controls would provide. Late levels can be a major pain when dealing with multiple enemies and navigation through tight spaces within levels.
Environment effects such as wind and water affect the movement of the witcheye. Another major pro of this game is the variety in terms of enemies, mid-bosses, and main bosses. There are plenty of memorable fights in the game and I really enjoyed the mini-cinematic sequences before each boss fight.
Overall, I give Witcheye props for trying something unique. The flick controls can be annoying but the overall experience is positive with great enemy variety and a wonderful visuals and soundtrack. Definitely worth a shot for the low price of admission.

Dadish 3 takes one step forward from the other two previous games by providing a bit more details and gameplay variety but overall takes two steps back due the inferior level design and setup. Gameplay felt slower than previous entries and to make matters worse, levels are on the longer side and are designed to be more challenging which, instead of introducing a challenging fun mechanic, ends up slowing gameplay down considerably. The best example is the last world which takes place underwater, making progression and level replay sluggish as heck.
Other than that, Dadish 3 features the same looks and approach from previous games with silly humor and an overall simple pick up to play platforming mechanic with one button jumps and double jumps.
Another con is that, this being the newer game of the 3, goes for a higher price point versus the (in my opinion) better prequels, so thread lightly if you want to get this game. Even at a sale price the game feels on the high side, but oh well.

A fantastic-looking game that drew attention towards the PlayStation system in a time of need when the PS3 was not in the spotlight, paling to the Xbox 360 in sales.
Strangely enough, I put more time and effort into GT5: Prologue which was the preview for this game, so by the time GT5 came out I was already a bit burned out and did not enjoy this as much as I thought I should have.

A very solid "preview" of, at the time, the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 title. I actually put way more time into this title than the actual full release of the game and I think part of the reason is how mind-blowingly good this game looked at the time of release. It was definitely one of the technical showcases of the PS3 power in a time the console needed some good representation after trailing in sales to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.
My experience was further enhanced by using a cheap Logitech wheel.