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i've played advance wars for 90 years and this is not advance wars

THE original. One of the very first video games I ever played. First game I played with my dad.

A classic so hard to recreate that Nintendo has not managed to do so in over 20 years.

had this as a kid and did not understand why it was what it was

Super puzzle game, too bad no more game like thise one are being made. The Genesis version is inferior to the SNES by a good margin but still recommendable.

>Sturm as enemy does 8 DMG
>You control him only does 4 DMG
trash game.

mi AW favorito, mas serio y la banda sonora 10/10

One of the best games on the system. An interesting and thought-provoking story about the morality of war and science. It is a darker departure from the tone of the previous games though this has been executed very well. Good variety of commanders and units and an excellent soundtrack. The ability to create and play your own battlefields and scenarios is also a good addition. I'd take this over Fire Emblem any day.

Fun game and challenging. Strayed away from the well-known cartoony Advance Wars style. You can discuss whether it was successfully done or not, but I think it was a brave choice and a nice change of pace for the series. Pretty grim game, from the story to the graphics and the music. If you like sRPGs, don't be afraid to play this one.

I do not enjoy most of these mini-games

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