This list does not encompass all games I've played, mostly ones I've played and replayed from 2018 onwards.
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Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal

Mar 22

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush

Feb 01

Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3: ODST

Jan 29

Halo 3
Halo 3

Jan 27

Halo 2
Halo 2

Jan 23

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This game is great, and to many people this is probably one of the greatest JRPGs if not, overall game of all time. I see that 100%, but I personally have my nitpicks with it, such as:
-The pacing of the game
-The fact it only gets good 30-40 hours into the game
-The fact that essential, strategic, and most importantly, fun mechanics are locked behind confidants such as switching your party mid-battle
-The lack of freedom to do what you want
-Similar to SMT IV/IV:A (and maybe other SMT/Persona games, idk) they sell DLC for super powerful personas. In SMTIV at least, these were entirely optional and you had to purchase them. In Persona 5 Royal, they included the DLC, which again, I could ignore if they are optional, but I can't. Unlike in pervious games, there are legitimate fusions using legitimate personas that allow you to straight-up just get these P2W personas naturally, which I absolute fathom and throws the balance of the game out the window.
-And more importantly, the entirety of Kasumi's character pre-third semester (I want to punch her)
But despite all of that, this game is such a breath of fresh air. In an era of where every game has to copy Destiny's UI, Persona 5 gives us a fresh, cool looking and highly functional few games even attempt to reach. The UI is not a balance between style and function, it is the extremes of both with little to no compromise. The gameplay is surprisingly deep and extremely satisfying (again, once you unlock certain confidants). For a JRPG, there is very little grind involved (I played on hard, and only had to grind once in the entire game. Even then, I didn't need to). Despite my feeling on Royal's music over the original, the music is excellent. The story is great, albeit a ruined a little by Royal but still phenomenal. The characters are fun (minus Kasumi).
Overall a great game deserving of its praise.

I'm pretty bad at rythm games, but pretty good at character action games. The two combined never really appealed to me, but this is an amazing game through-in-through. The combat is great, music is awesome, the art style and animations are done so well, the story could of been better but was executed well. I don't really know what to add that hasn't been stated before.
I do have a few issues with the game though. Macron being a requirement to kill certain enemies is a bummer. The last boss fight was visual diarrhea, and I would have liked a few more moves to flesh out the moveset a bit. Aside from that and a few minor bugs, it's a great game, and I can't wait to play more of it.

A pleasant surprise. I was going into this game half-thinking that this game was just a side project hastily put together, but is honestly one of my favorite halo games (so far), behind Reach. The gameplay is exactly like 3's, maybe a little bit better, the story was an enjoyable ride for the most part, I love how the story is actually told, characters have personalities*, the music is wonderful and the best in the series, but they especially nailed that atmosphere. Atmosphere isn't a thing I thought about in a Halo game, as its non-existent, but this game does it well. From walking through a rainy, dark, destroyed city while piano keys lightly play in the background, to riding and blasting your way through hordes of enemies in a tank while some spy action movie music strums in the background, but overall great.
I would love to give this game a higher rating in fact, but there's a few flaws holding it back. One of the more major ones is that there's barely any meat on its bones. This game is very short, which a very short but very good game is not at all a bad thing, it just that I wish they'd gone more ambitious. The level design is fine, but I would've liked to seen it expanded more, with more flank areas and better ways to stealth through enemies. I would've liked longer missions to get to know the characters more.
Another thing I didn't like about this game is that you can skip missions. I didn't know that I was doing it at the time, but I completely missed missions 3 and 4 because I thought it would be fun to explore the city more. Turns out its not and ruins the experience a bit.