You know what..... pretty sick for a $3 game

"There's always a lighthouse, a man, a city."
"Time... Time rots everything. Even hope"
Not the mind-blowing masterpiece I remember it was back when it released 10 years ago, certainly not the game it was famously advertised as either. I love a lot of this games ideas but it unfortunately never culminates into anything profound or meaningful like the game insists it is or comes together like the original Bioshock does. Its still a visually striking expierence even in 2023 with lots to admire on a presentation level and I do respect it for swinging for the fences. I guess now we know that Levine has a new game finally on the horizon that's seemed to have had quite a long tortured dev cycle like this game did. We can see what he's learned in a decades time since releasing Infinite and its DLC's. Will it end up like another Evil Within or Callisto Protocol? well your guess is as good as mine, but it will be interesting no doubt and I'll be there day one to see it regardless.
Bonus: that barbershop quartet beach boys cover was a nice touch though.

"621..... Feed the fire..... Let the last cinders burn"
The best game Fromsoft could have released post such a monumental moment in gaming history after Elden Ring last year with this latest AC title. Visceral fast action combat, a bombastic score, boss fights and missions with scale and immersion that put to shame FFXVI's bogged down Asuras Wrath QTE fights with fully realized set pieces that I'm sure more long time fans of the series only ever dreamed of. Fires of Rubicon might just be my GOTY at this moment as I let the fires burn and cinders fade.

"A New Beginning"
"...I Was Able To Keep Our Promise Today..."
"...Although Someone Else Had To Fill Your Shoes."
"Giuliano, Will You Forgive Me If I Have A Dream Again?"
"A Man Can Change, As Long As He Lives"
"I Want To Race With The Kid Again... Who Taught Me That"


A Bonafide Killer Classic!!! Nightdive studios port of IDs groundbreaking FPS still reigns supreme and is a reminder of this genres heavy metal roots.

"And That Is How It Ended. Our Extraordinary Story"
We all owe Fumito Ueda an apology.

"You Know Rick For A Dick, Your Such a Pussy" - Terror Mask

Its been 20 years and its aged flawlessly, one of and arguably the best racing game ever made.

A forgotten gem from the Xbox 360/PS3 era from the mad mind of my favourite game director/writer Suda51. Come for the Monty Python/Gilliam inspired storybook aesthetics, stay for Akira Yamaokas demented score, punishing difficulty and rough janky gameplay. Pick this up before the store closures happen.

RIP Cavia, you were the kings of Walmart Bargain bin video games

Probably the best licensed game

Yee Haw Samurai, I liked equipping all of the hats

Inoffensive fun at most, its Star Fox 64 again, I'd rather just play it or Assault again instead, last boss fight with Andross sucked ass with the motion controls though. Too bad we didn't get Star Fox: Armada.

Better then I remember it being, the true and only sequel to Star Fox 64, wonderful fast paced dog fighting space battles, the on ground missions are mostly fun even if a lil repetitive. The worst parts were probably hanging off of the sides of your crews ships to escape, and also man your entire team is a lil too reliant on Fox for help. But Star Fox Assault has held up as yet another underrated greatest hits GameCube banger.