For new players, I have some advice: Half-Life may be an older shooter, which might put you in the mindset of DOOM where everything is in an overtly gameified environment - this is not the case. Treat Half-Life like every setting is a believable place, interact with things and obstacles like you would in a realistic scenario rather than treating it as some obtuse gamey puzzle. This will clear the way for what might be seen as confusing chapters for some, and also lead into the tactical core of the combat; which I suggest playing on the Hard difficulty for solely to boost the strategic element. It's not going to make the game too gruelling, it'll just boost the sense of immersion and tension. And don't savescum; Half-Life's chapters save when you reach them, this will be enough to carry you without ruining the pacing, trust me. You're in for a great time no matter how you play the game though. Have fun, Freeman.

Reviewed on May 24, 2023