this is what you'd get from a gamejam prompt of "resident evil director's cut basement music if it was a game"

got really goddamn bored and emulated this in middle school class, which subsequently got it banned - not because i was goofing off in class - but because it was "too violent."

playing the arcade cabinet of this with the subwoofers and fans blasting in your face while the seats moved around in a chuck e cheese while i was like 7 was fuckin magic. wish i lost my virginity there instead of at Claire's

it makes me very, very happy that Mercurysteam clearly saw Prime 2's cutscenes where Samus just does cool shit and went "what if she was always like that"

Min Min - i do not care. neither does anyone, really.
Steve - very funny character but fighting him is like stepping on thumbtacks. absolutely devilish design, kinda respect it.
Sephiroth - very fun, feels very unique even if he is technically a jrpg swordboy because his imposing nature somehow translates perfectly to gameplay. pretty great.
Pyra/Mythra - lame as fuck and boring as hell, this could've been Travis, Dante, or Doomguy.
Kazuya - not a character i care for myself but incredibly well designed and amazing to play, most impressive character in the game. great shit.
Sora - disney. down b counter. stinky.

Joker - stinky and boring, dude doesn't even use the fuckin demons which is the entire draw of Megami Tensei. just uses a lameass blade and a gun. and a down b counter.
Hero - great pick, really cute design. not a DQ fan but this obviously kicks ass.
Banjo and Kazooie - made me cry, still can't believe my babies are home. kinda poorly designed in terms of gameplay, some moves like the down air and down b are just weird and confusing. feels very weak, still my main tho.
Terry - anyone who doesn't like this is a pussy. kicks ass, fun as hell. great.
Byleth - hell is all around us

opening up smash and seeing the disney copyright and fading to dust within seconds

the scares are really, really funny. that goddamn sound they play when they cut to the hospital flashback for the dozenth time with that high pitched scream at the end made me softly giggle every time.

i have daily traumatic flashbacks to high school where i was walking down the halls and wore an Undertale shirt and this one random guy was like "wh-what??? a gamer girl!" and then blocked my path and did the entire Sans speech. the whole thing. in public.

no real human being has ever actually played this game

it's not even really that weird or creepy or whatever it's just annoying. 'omg what if there was a naked little girl and it was all fucked up' omg what if you shut the fuck up instead

sometimes a bad game really hurts you because it has one really, really bad problem that ruins the whole thing. the level designers of hexen will never see the afterlife.

got this and then immediately returned it upon seeing the motion blur