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this game made me like Guilty Gear less - it's insanely janky and sorta miserable to play. you get to hear Sol Badguy say "shutup" every three seconds during gameplay. There's a very questionable (but kinda fun) english dub and it could be the localization but the dialogue makes my head hurt a bit with how nonsensical and bullshit it gets. a bit of a guilty pleasure.


i can recall the feeling of blowing up things in this game in my mind for instant serotonin

this game isn't even that good in terms of pure gameplay but god do i love it so, so much. this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games. i love the art and music so much, i love the characters and fuckkk i hope this gets a sequel or something at some point i adore this game.

not really sure why this blew up as much as it did, but it's cute and the designs are kinda fun. not a very fun game tho. i imagine we'll be seeing more of this at some point, hope that'll be fun.

a couple of friends like to get drunk and piss off miserable people in comp, i joined this night and i can say it was one of the most miserable experiences i have ever had with a game. fundamentally, this game feels bad. it feels like I'm stuck in snow. every weapon (except for Orisa's) feels like doo doo and the game's visuals are so unclear and stuffed with shit going on i find it hard to know what to shoot sometimes. the matches are slogs to get through, i feel it would benefit from something about 6v6. the monetization and loot box shit is nasty. i don't think I've EVER seen a game so utterly devoid of charm and character like this one is. everything looks, feels, and plays bas. i got a migraine after playing, i was not drinking. it was so miserable it was almost sobering, like it awakened a sense of appreciation for the things and people in my life.

we didn't even get that many funny people, did get called a slur by a guy named "family event" which was a bit haha hehe.


"This is the character that is going to do it for Saturn!”
- Steven Spielberg

Leopaldon is the best character in fighting game history

this game feels like a fake one you'd see people playing in a TV show

this dude in my town who got arrested for masturbating in class (probably other shit too) broke the fucking arcade cabinet of this because he was a pissbaby and i hope he's dead, for a few reasons.

i beat this game legit, going through both times, when i was in grade six in one night and it was pretty painful. i was hoping to brag to my friends but none of my friends knew what it was or cared about me

i have spent like, at least four hundred hours playing this game when i was seven so i have to give it a 5

when will they add blade the hedgehog to smash

oh i see you and me by the Ding Dong Tree
and everyone can see what I can see and that's
you and me
you and me
you and me swingin' by the Ding Dong Tree