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Really not good. My first thought on opening the game was that the controls kinda feel like shit and unfortunately it never got better. The "super epic" theming and Hot Topic art style do a great job of being really annoying. Reading the dialogue felt like a waste of time. The camera is so zoomed in that jumps are blind and fast moving or flying enemies are obnoxious to fight since bullets immediately despawn outside the view. There is a dedicated zoom out button to remedy this I guess, but I'd really rather the game just work without it. The stop and go that comes from killing monsters and zooming the camera from objective to objective is headache inducing.
Killing monsters sends you into a Wario Ware-esque kind of mini-game every time. They range from pointless to boring. You will see each one many many times, with an accompanying "funny" death scene afterwards. On god half the playtime is watching them play out.
This game is probably awesome if you're 13. Unfortunately I'm a grown ass man and I don't wish for 5 hour flash games.

Played v5.1.2.4 on Normal/Modern Mode.
This game is having a spike in popularity right now so I checked it out. Being an RPGmaker Pokemon fangame, it has a lot of the usual jank you would expect. Abilities activate at wrong times, Pokemon will play the wrong calls, and sometimes switch mode will call out the wrong name for the next Pokemon. There's also a fair amount of map issues that warrant the game to have front facing debug features. Also, why can't the music loop properly? Pokemon fangames specifically seem to constantly have issues with music.
Naturally with the sheer scope of its concept, it's almost impossible (in a reasonable time) for all of the combinations to have custom visuals. It remains very disappointing when a combination you're interested to see comes out as an auto generated monstrosity. It's especially sad when you're stuck with one as a lead up to an actual good design, and the most sad when the final form is worse than something unevolved. I also see a lot of complaints about having to pay for the items that allow you to fuse. I didn't fuse a ton so I didn't have any problems, but the monetary restriction is kinda lame, especially in the early game.
It's undeniably fun, but the Pokemon formula is always going to be fun when replicated this faithfully. The fusion gimmick is a really good way to spice up the experience. I also appreciate the quality of life changes, even if I don't think they go far enough.

It's a game and I only played it because it's short and I like Pizza Tower.
Thanks Mort.