This is the only good FF game that's come out in the last 10 years.



This is like the uncrowned king of the "Steam rpg maker rpgs about emotions". Honestly deserves far more love and did "Sad Dad" far better than any AAA videogame.

One of the best and most content filled games ever made. If you don't like Yokai Watch, you're wrong.

Design cute outfits for cute girls in a cute art style. CUTE.

Man, It's 51 games with online multiplayer. I'll always go back to playing Hanafuda or Chess online with people, it's got really nice visuals and a lot of polish.

It's literally a Shmup rougelite mixed with dungeons. It's fucking great.

Remember those wild stick animations on newgrounds you saw growing up?. What if that...but YOU were the stickman.

I've probably put more hours into this game since its original release than I have put food in my mouth.

This has had more thought and care put into it than World and Rise combined. What a wonderful game with plenty to do, loads of fanservice and just great moments all the way through.

Might be my GOTY. Comfy and charming every step of the way. The amount of joy I felt seeing any new Pokemon doing something cute or cool was unmatched by so many other games. I feel like I could see a Stunfisk coiling out a fat shit and find it cute at this point.

Genuinely endearing characters, fun gameplay and an interesting story. I've been on and off with the Ys series for a long time, but this has sealed me playing every entry I missed and any that come out in future.

For every jank and surreal game design choice, there's a massive amount of charm covering it up. Everything about this reminds me why I love the series and Suda in general. For a while I was very hit and miss with Grasshopper but goddamn this woo'd my pants off and got me in bed pretty fast.

One of the best Metroid games ever made. Up there with Super and Prime 1. Honestly I'm glad we finally are getting Metroid again and I hope Mercury Steam continue to improve on how they develop the series.