Gameplay : One of a kind really.Super unique and creative.
Music/Sound effects : chef's kiss
Characters : Has a few really good characters(missile best doge fr)
Dialogues : Love it! 9/10
Story : Didnt expect the story to be much at start but man,does it keep getting better and better.Every single details are well explained and by the end of the game,there are no plotholes.
The best selling point for the game is the mystery.How everything connects at the end and makes perfect sense. 10/10 best detective/mystery game for me.


pros: good story and great atmosphere
cons: combat,slow gameplay

Sekiro is my first played FromSoftware game and I gotta say,this one gets an easy 10/10 just for its gameplay alone.Can't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a video game.Combat is just so satisfying and defeating the final boss was one of the best experiences for me in video games.

Phenomenal story and soundtracks
ez 10/10 if not for the 4/10 gameplay :(
edit: fuck it 10/10

Unique game design.Just wish the game was longer.

Soundtracks:✔️ (one of my most fav)
Everything is just perfect.After route A,there's route B which gets repetetive real quick (the only negative i can think of).Besides that,the story buildup makes me hope for something i didnt get after finishing all the main endings.It still has a 9/10 story though.
Nonetheless,Nier:Automata is definitely a must play for any jrpg fan out there.Definitely in my top10 list.


Great sequel!
Starts off right where ori and the blind forest ends,adds new stuff to the game,soundtracks are great,combat system is also improved and map design is topnotch.
easy 9/10


The big black daddy of all first person shooters.

graphics and gameplay great
soundtracks decent
story okay-ish


Cute lil puzzle/adventure,with a bit o' twist