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Kirby's Dream Land is like a sugar cookie. It's short and plain but still manages to be a sweet, delicious snack.

wish there was an easter egg where every subsequent playthrough, rami maleks teeth get bigger.
Hayden panettiere simps tap in btw

its fucked up knowing that this is probably the last great rockstar game

Dead by Daylight is best summarized as the best in a genre with no competition. When you are fresh to the game the killer is thoroughly terrifying and hard to fight against. As you get any level of experience as a survivor the killer becomes comically easy to avoid unless the killer has many hundreds of hours on killer and grinded + paid to have the most meta build at the moment. All the while the Killer who has much more interesting gameplay in my opinion is an odd balancing nightmare where the survivors are perpetually more powerful and the only way you get kills or can succeed is if they make mistakes (unless the Killer is on Nurse, the only pro-active character they can play.) I did enjoy a lot of my time while I played this game but at the point I didn't buy and grind the right killers while the survivors were running infinites around me I just lost my ability to enjoy the game. It is definitely something better to watch than to play.
Granted I last played in early 2021 but I have continued to watch videos since. My stance has stayed consistent, this is a game/genre with a lot of potential and can be a lot of fun and DBD is the best at what it does currently. But it is still really bad at that.

paid DLC has paid DLC. Game is fun but got damn the business is begging for more of your money

I almost fell asleep during one of the trailing missions. Very good game

Y:LaD is a game I've given far more chances than any sane person in my shoes would. As the newest entry in a franchise I love, I so badly want to adore it like everyone else. But 40 hours and several rage quits later, I just... can't. The final nail in the coffin being 12 hours of gameplay over the last 2 days to PREPARE for grinding only to still be struggling after consulting 20+ guides and articles to get me into a position where I can just HOPE to get my playthrough back on track, only to then grind hours to play another 80 or so hours of a game I just really don't like, all so I can say I've done it like everyone around me. I can't. This is where I officially throw the towel in. I'm aware that according to everyone this game is easy and this is a skill issue blah blah and writing a post like this won't help me, but I've done everything I can to try and get to grips with this game, and I just still feel lost, stuck and confused. Trying to enjoy this game or even just scrape through it has genuinely put me through mental turmoil. Call it weak, I don't care, but it's time I help myself and say "that's enough" and just read a plot synopsis ahead of LaD Gaiden. Still love the series, and its brawler entries, despite what'd come across I do even like RPGs, just... not this one.
I hope 8 has difficulty settings so I can just set it easy and bypass all this shit (Judgment literally has a mode where the game plays itself, why can this game not have difficulty settings below normal??). Without this, I'm now locked out of one of my all-time favourite series.

Started playing the final chapter at 11 PM and didn't finish until 5:30 in the morning biggest mistake of my life.

A masterpiece of a Yakuza game. I beat the main story, each side story, and a bunch of substories, and this game lasted 50 hours. I had fun for about 45 of those hours. This game definitely has slow parts, but each character will have you cheering for them and their ambitions. My favorite Yakuza game to date (As of beating Y0-Y6) and one of my highest recommendations to anyone looking for a story and character-driven title, though you really should play the prior Yakuza games before this for the best experience, as this is NOT a standalone title. Lots of buildup, lots of payoff.

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