Video Game Music Gimmick

Day 2: Opening Level Music |
Greenhorn Forest
Day 3: 8-Bit Music |
Wood Man Stage
Day 4: Music from a console exclusive series |
Hog Wild
Day 5: Hub world or overworld music |
Haven City Walking Theme
Day 6: Music that makes you feel relaxed |
Monsoon Jungle
Day 7: Music from an indie game |
Tule Tree
Day 8: Music from a shooter (first or third person) |
Theme of the Magician
Day 9: Music from a licensed game |
Bikini Bottom
Day 11: Music from a puzzle game |
Main Theme
Day 12: Music that makes you sad |
Bonds ~ A Heart That Believes
Day 13: Music you like from a game you don't like |
Soviet Connection
Day 14: Music featuring vocals |
Taste of Teriyaki
Day 15: Boss battle music |
Smoking Roll
Day 17: Music you never get tired of |
Funky Dealer
Day 18: Music in a game released in the year you were born |
Cammy's Theme
Day 19: Cover of music from a different artist |
Hi Seas Hijinx (Rusty Walrus Chase) |
Cover of Herbrides Overture - Felix Mendelssohn (1832)
Day 20: Music from a racing game |
Hot Air Skyway
Day 21: Music you associate with frustration |
Final Boss 2 - U.N. Owen Was Her?
Day 22: Town/village music |
Lei Havina
Day 24: Music you have constantly stuck in your head |
Confrontation: Presto ~ 2009
Day 25: Music that gets you pumped |
Murine Corps
Day 26: Music from a game you haven't played |
Main Theme
Day 27: Music from a handheld game |
Battle! Champion
Day 28: Music that makes you nostalgic |
Mr. Burns' Mansion


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