WarioWare Games

wario game good most of the time

This one just felt off to me? I don't really know, I'd rather play the other games on this list that are ranked higher...
What a dumb thing to type, isn't that the point of this list? Whatever who cares.
wario, but the game tells me to do funny things in a funny way and the descriptions are funny and funny
the different character gimmick solves the "wtf am I controlling" problem some minigames had in the previous games while also leading to varied and wacky interactions between the characters and the minigames
wario, but greatest hits? I actually haven't played this one since launch. Now that I've played the others, might be worth a look.
If I bothered setting up the online and had an interest in making my own minigames it'd be higher, but them's the breaks when it comes to MY broken brain!
I haven't played this one yet but I heard it's just a port of the first game so this is fine. That being said, I read the wikipedia entry and based on that this is at least going under touched whenever I get to it.
wario, but speen
I don't think I'm missing much with not playing this one and I probably won't make much effort to figure out how to play it


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