Rayman Legends is a fun game to play and revisit. Due to the fact that I spent this spring not only fully completing Origins again but also doing the challenge mode trophies on PS3 most of the shit I found annoying on my initial run through the game nearly a decade ago aren't as painful now. Not that they still aren't gripes, just that I've played these games too much for them to register.

Obviously the funniest part about this game is the fact that it was slated to be a Wii U exclusive releasing in its launch window, only for the game to be delayed and ported to other platforms due to the Wii U failing miserably. This means there's a bunch of random content that doesn't make sense outside of that context, notably the Origins levels were probably there for casual players who didn't play it to get a taste of that game. The best unintended part of this is Murphy, a large game mechanic that was made for the Wii U's gamepad that had to be adapted for other consoles. While co-op takes a hit, Murphy plays better when not controlled by the gamepad because controlling Murphy and yourself is more interesting than chaperoning an AI that has less control over the player character than you.

The major addition to this game from this delay were the invaded levels. Small levels designed to be beaten in less than 40 seconds that provide an optional challenge that are generally more difficult than standard levels. I think Legends' level design is great on the whole but the Invaded levels are definitely the game's highlight. If you loved Origin's Land of the Livid Dead level you'll like these levels.

Besides all that the music levels are great including the 8 bit levels that are designed to be memorized so you can play to the music, Kung Foot is good fun and the grind for Awesomeness 11 is dumb fuckin shit. Overall game great and Aurora is the best warrior princess.

About as good as a 2D zelda game based on a siivagunner meme is gonna get

Super Auto Pets is a decent enough auto battle thing where you shove your turtle in front of a chicken and start slapping each other in front of your extended family.

While I do enjoy the lessened complexity vs other auto battlers, it loses a lot by taking away being instanced with other players. Being instanced allows you to share resources with others and see other player's builds. These things allow you to adapt and make smarter decisions because you know what your enemies are doing. Super Auto Pets lacks this depth, you simply queue up your funny animal squad and hope you don't run into some smarmy prick with a 50/50 dog that will shit down your chimney. Could you have avoided this fate? Maybe next time, bitch.

It's a fun enough fire emblem game marred by a lack of support conversations and poor encounter design. It's a weird and unique entry into the series so it's worth a passing glance regardless of its failings.

It's an easy breezy two hours of organizing stuff and putting stuff away. The way the game uses the things you put away and the spaces the things inhabit to tell a life's story is very well done. The only thing the game really needs is item descriptions so you can better tell what something actually is but also to give hints on some of the more obtuse item placements.

I played my video game ost playlist during this here 'experience' because I stopped giving a shit during the first funny drive and also I am the antivibe maggle. It ended up working really well because when the screen cut to black at the 'Pivotal' Moment/Climax/whatever it synced up well with the end of Mambo de Verano which was very fun.

This review contains spoilers

Based on how the game is put together, how much of the game is shown generally and all the 4th wall meta narrative stuff it's basically impossible to properly talk about the game without spoilers so here we go.

Essentially the game changes gameplay radically twice, making up three acts with each act basically being a different game, so that's how I'll talk about the game. Act One is the act most people are familliar with because it's what sells you on the game in the gameplay trailers and other media. It is also the strongest of the three acts in pretty much every category. Atmosphere, visuals, gameplay, it's all cool and good. Main issue I had with it is that it felt too easy and if you're good/lucky this act can end quick. I finished this act in 6-7 tries with two victories so idunno.

Act Two throws everything out of the window and really takes the winds out of the sails of the game. Gone are the roguelikes and escape room elements and the graphics/atmosphere of the first act. This act I believe is emulating GBC trading card games with being a straight deck builder with a specific style of 2D graphics. This act is straight up bad with how many poorly fleshed out mechanics there are and how obnoxious deck building is because of it. I think this part of the game being bad is intentional because it fits the game's narrative but I couldn't be arsed to care.

Act Three is a melding of the two previous acts. Roguelike elements are still gone but the escape room stuff is back and the mechanics from act two are either removed or more refined here. It feels like it's trying to right the ship after a shoddy second act but for me it felt like that ship had sailed. At the very least, the bosses have goofy gimmicks that you'd expect from the Pony Island developer. After you beat those bosses though, there's no true final boss and the game just goes through the motions before being completed.

So overall I think the game is good and I enjoyed myself, but I do believe the meta stuff kind of got in the way. It's not executed terribly or anything (in fact I feel the opposite) but if the game was just Act One but more fleshed out I think it'd be better than what we got here.

This game is everything I ever wanted from this series. Movement is sublime here, the complete opposite of Super, and considering you do a lot of running around from place to place you'll really appreciate how smooth it is.

Combat is greatly approved from its predecessors with the parry returning from Samus Returns and little QoL things like making missiles upgrade to super missiles rather than their own weapon type. The real reason why combat is improved is in level/enemy/boss design. This game is happy to deal shitloads of damage to Samus and facetanking is not a good option unlike previous games. Using your fantastic movement to avoid damage while looking for parry opportunities to regain tons of health/ammo is how you'll succeed and it feels so dang good.

The E.M.M.I stuff is cool too. I really do like how the encounters are designed to make you sprint through areas so then you can explore further after you take them out. The high risk/high reward stuff with parrying an E.M.M.I is cool too where it's satisfying to do so due to its difficulty but the difficulty is also a deterrent from getting caught in the first place.

So yeah game's cool. I'm happy with it. Remake Super with this engine and these controls and I'll be a happy camper.

What we have here is the age old classic. What the game does is excellent, the gameplay is fast and frenetic and the online systems/netcode puts most games to shame. They basically make up the skeleton of the game and it's a good skeleton. The problem now is to put meat on the bones Nickelodeon needs to pump money into this bitch.

Shit like single player modes, voice acting, better presentation etc aren't necessarily easy to implement (game dev is hard) but it's probably much easier to do so versus reworking the gameplay because it's trash or implementing good netcode (see every delay based game that transitioned to rollback)

So that's where this game stands. It's launch so there's plenty of people to play and on my SSD matches load near instantaneously and the rematch button makes getting put into another match just as fast. The game's cool and I hope it gets long term support, perhaps a sequel (that awful karting game got a sequel to redeem itself), to realize its potential and not just become another Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

Oh this is how you do multiple reviews. Oops I edited my original one but TL;DR I ran out of patience with this game's controls and feel far quicker than the first time because I played Metroid games that actually felt good. If there was ever a game in need and deserving of an actual faithful remake it's this one.

yep it's warioware

It gets a star purely from the form baton stance descriptors. You don't really have to adhere to most of them, but they're all very good and funny. Also the final boss stage is probably one of the best boss stages in the franchise.

God bless Milton and his team for I'm of two different minds about this game. While I haven't played the original Metroid 2 I can tell this is an excellent remake of it. The problem is, Metroid 2 fuckin sucks. They very successfully polished a turd here and I'm glad Milton has moved on to bigger and better things.

Simple arcade racing game. The key selling point here is that the entire game is filled with nonsense. Cars range from basic corvettes to a hammerhead shark and everything in between. There's a lot of track reusing/remixing here but it's at least fun because they'll change the gimmick of the track by adding police cruisers or stealth choppers or dinosaurs or UFOs. I found it fun enough to complete all the tours/arcade tracks and get all the keys.

Yeah its Warioware, there's a lot of complaints that the game is short but I just went through most of the games and it's a comparable length to the others. Not only that, but the game does a lot better job compelling me to actually invest in replaying stuff more than the other games did due to the character customization stuff.

The different character gimmick is a lot of fun honestly. For every frustrating moment where a character and microgame together cause pain, there's a character that can trivialize a microgame in a wacky way. It can lead to pain but it's far more likely to lead to something fun and stupid happening.