Just a small list of beautiful games I loved playing through during this depressing, anxiety inducing, ungodly year! I really loved how this year was mostly comprised of a whole heap of pitch perfect sequels, both in terms of games coming out and old classics I finally gave a shot.

I really wish I could've played Neo: The World Ends With You, a genuine surprise follow up to a high school favourite! But alas, I only have so much time to dedicate to things... Which is why this is a top 10, not a top 25 like everyone else. Ah well, in no particular order, here's what stuck out the most to me:

Still playing through this! I cannot describe how happy this game has made my inner child, who loved the first game to bits back in the day. I'm a little scared it'll drop the ball during the final act, but for now? It's the best follow-up to any game I've ever played!
EDIT: It kinda dropped the ball, but not enough to ruin the game for me. I even got all the achievements for it, that's how much I loved it!!!

Now THIS is how you do a metroidvania! Absolute comfort food for me personally, and a stunning example as to why big studios should make more 2.5D games. Wish more games of the genre were as tightly paced and snappy as this...

More of the same dogfighting fun as Air Combat, but with the polish you'd expect from any good sequel. It's the game that finally scratched that specific 'Star Fox 64' itch I was looking to remedy for the longest time, too! What is it about Namco OSTs going above and beyond...?

Why did it take me 20 years to play the greatest 3rd person shooter ever made? And why hasn't anything else come around to top it yet? Gotta get on number 2 ASAP...

If you're itching for a SNES styled hop n' bop platformer a la Mario or Donkey Kong, you literally cannot do better than this! Wonderfully polished and presented authentically in all the right ways, it's a wonder this hasn't been on more people's lists...

An artistic triumph of a rail shooter that stands tall on it's own terms, even after all this time. SEGA should be ashamed of themselves for 'losing the source code' and not porting this to every system known to man...

An emotional and heartfelt 3D platformer that almost runs contrary to the loud, boisterous Dreamcast library it's a part of? The Yoko Kanno OST is just the cherry on top of the sweetest game you've never heard of...

The most engrossed I've been in any game's narrative for a long, long time. That upcoming expansion pack's got a LOT to live up to, is all I'm saying!

Builds upon the first game's solid base and THEN SOME in order to make a stunning hybrid of sidescroller and top down shooter! And they say the third one's even BETTER?!

Not quite as good as 2, which leaned more towards my preferred 'Mario' style of gameplay than this one's take on 'Zelda', but still an absolute hoot to play through. Kinda shocked more people haven't played these classics, get on 'em already!!


6 months ago

Glad you finally got around to panzer dragoon

6 months ago

Max Payne Max Payne Max Payne. Be sure to give these two a few replays. They shine best on the hardest difficulties!

6 months ago

glad you played max payne


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6 months ago

@C_F It was you that got me into it! Very excited to see what Saga's all about now...

@realmickey Oh, definitely! I feel like they're gonna be regular replays for sure!

@Katuragiii I should've gotten to it sooner, thank you for getting it for me in the first place!

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