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Kung Fu Chaos is extremely dated in 2000's racism/stereotypes; and also the gameplay fucking sucks. The levels that are actually levels you travel through are fun and cool. The minigames fucking suck and the combat sucks.

Yeah I gotta drop this shit I'm getting filtered too hard. I honestly hate parry gameplay because I don't wanna learn that shit! I want a damn greatshield and I want to 100% block everything. I still think the game is good (for the most part), it feels pretty damn good and I wish I never had to fight a elite enemy or boss ever! Elites and Bosses just have super fucking annoying moves always.
I'm just gonna start with some compliments cause this game does a lot of cool things! The weapon system is pretty fun. I didn't like the moveset of the starting greatsword too much (too much thrusting), but I found a police club with a moveset I liked (have a chargable overhead), but attack range was too small. I put the long greatsword blade on the handle and boom, it ruled. I do wish you could swap scaling on handles without needing unique materials (just use souls like elden ring), cause that means I don't get to experiment really. I liked the vibes and enviroments, wish i got to see more!
The smelter boss I think is actually just loaded with the most annoying moves imaginable. Both him and the electric boss set ground traps and like, I dont want that shit! Elite enemies are too spongy, might as well be bosses with less moves. The ganksquads in this game way more annoying than any other game i've experienced, and they don't have the buffer of me thinking Miyazaki is being a mischievous jokester. Stagger system needs a indicator/bar or something.
Side Note: I think games should start adding an option to increase the your parry window. I felt like I kept fucking up parries by like frames, so I think I would get the same enjoyment as anyone if I was allowed to make the window a little bigger for accessibility.
Side Note 2: While playing I thought about what if a parry based game just put up a Guitar Hero fret board when an animation started, and when the note reached the circle, thats when the attack would hit you (whether you are near the attack or not). I would probably fuck with parrying there because dev's love obfuscating attack animations to troll timing.
ADDENDUM: I also am getting sick of the item scarcity? item management? Whatever it is that keeps me from using consumable items. I think everything should just be recharged at bonfires. Get like a couple throwable items that get recharged. Things that remove debuffs get recharged. Also the souls system they took from Hollow Knight thats tied to the weapon arts is fucking annoying because that also doesn't recharge at bonfires, you have to grind them back up slowly. It makes me not want to use them during boss fights because what if I die, then i have to fucking GRIND them. Dark Souls 3 Cinder mod/Sekiro easy mod just like opened my eye to how much fun a souls-like could be if it was way more lax on the item/mana limitations; you have a fun movekit, i wanna use it!

A wonderfully constructed heist movie with the theming of letting go of the past and healing. Connecting with others to be able to help each other hopefully reflect upon oneself. Dog/God being able to heal their fractured mind and come together at the cost of their collective memories is probably my favourite conversation in the DLC. I'm glad they did more with Supermutant memories like Lillith. The ability to not just smush Dean Domino down where he stands is like another act of letting go for the player. Maybe you gotta be a little optimistic about him but like he's been sitting in his failure for 200 years, and he see's how it really was between Vera/Sinclaire, so I hope he has a little learning experience at least.
Mechanically pretty fun. I didn't have any of the trouble other people seemed to have (i was like level 30 on normal difficulty). I was doing a melee build too, but idk i feel like if you are getting all the coins you see, you should be well off with the vending machines. Definitely could be punishing if you don't have a lot of combat skills I guess. I only found the holograms/speakers annoying at the last vault challenge, but its the last challenge so whatever.
I speak it here since this DLC is pretty dark, I wish the games wasn't so damn dark! This is just a problem with all Bethesda titles is caves and the like are too dark. I get they're supposed to be, but I'm not one of those gamers who like shit to be accurately dark and use in game light sources. At least with Elder Scrolls the torches don't tint the surrounding area in a shade of green. At a point I just felt like I had detective vision on, which I don't like having on all the time because I don't get to see the natural colours used by the dev's, I wont to see those! The brightness settings just changes the tint of the screen I feel like, doesn't actually make the in game brighter, hate those.