A worthy successor to Jet Set Radio. I recently got all the achievements and all content aside from like 2-3 outfits,a few music disks and a few of the graffiti so that's my experience so far with this game, I think the gameplay is pretty fun overall and while it's similar to JSRF it's not exact. the combo system relies on the player turning corners and hitting wall ramps while maintaining the combo with their manual, it's a fun loop in all honesty and a bit better than the infinite grinds but I do prefer the floatier mastery of JSRF, I also think the game lacking something like jet grind,graffiti etc is a downside for me with postgame cause it's all very easy and there's not much to do after getting the secret characters and all the graffiti. the music is overall good but there's a tiny few stinkers, character design is hit or miss for me personally. Red,DJ Cyber,Bel,Tryce,Dot.Exe,Coil,Mesh and Futurism were prob my favorites. Level Design is also good but I think the level design isn't nearly as good as JSRF as sometimes the levels in this game are very big with not a lot and there's not as much verticality. overall I'd say it's worth a play if you're a fan of JSR/JSRF and wanting to scratch that itch, for newcomers you might want to wait for a sale because the game is $40. it took me around 25 hours for all the achievements and almost all unlockables

This review contains spoilers

Anyone who hates the ending took what Tsumugi said at face value and never replayed the prologue

could very easily be Kodaka's best game. I really enjoyed it and while some of the cases are still uh stupid sometimes I enjoyed majority of the cases, only thing is I do wish there was more time spent with the characters but I enjoyed all the characters. the biggest thing for me is the ending is more conclusive and satisfying than any of the danganronpa games for me and I really hope we get another master detective archives game
oh yeah and also release it on another platform cause the switch runs like a fisher price toy

It's not perfect with some pacing that can bog down the experience for some but when the game is high it's at some of the highest in gaming history. Clive is an amazing protagonist and the brotherly connection in the story is great,side quests can be mmo tier but if you care about the world and lore they're actually really good, combat is excellent and all the boss fights including eikon battles are awesome. overall I liked the game and I'm just giving it a 5 despite thinking more on it cause I think it deserves it for most people

I really enjoyed this game. while I do think the sentiment "it's just botw 1.5 or dlc" is kind of true it's a good expansion upon botw and a nice game before the eventual reset/refresh to the next console, I thought the exploration is more fun than botw and I do think the abilities are more fun to use. my main criticisms are similar to botw where I feel like the story is done poorly again with the memories basically kinda taking away from link's journey and link's interactions with ganondorf being meh, while the dungeons are better than botw they're still not the quality they were in previous entries and the only one that scratches that itch to an extent is the lightning temple but even then it feels more like a mini dungeon than a full on dungeon. overall pretty great game but I'll go back to it soon to finish all the shrines

After finishing with Jill/Chris on Normal with their best possible endings I see why this game is beloved. highly replayable,great atmosphere and pre rendered backgrounds that aged really well,fun routing and game mechanics testing your knowledge of the game and just some general creepiness though these games don't really scare me. easily one of the best games of all time and can be argued as the best remake of all time. definitely going to replay it again and again

I don't care if this is a remake of an existing classic it should be GOTY.

yes it's unoptimized and runs like shit.
yes it looks like a ps3 game.
but the game had insanely fun combat, a very campy but enjoyable story and of course.... CHAOS.... but yeah this game fucking ruled to be honest

it's smackdown vs raw with sexy chicks so it's pretty kewl.

I fully 100%'d this game and have viewed everything it has to offer so this is just my personal experience
Sonic Frontiers has it's shortcomings and flaws but it's a game I ultimately found fun, the ambition and tone of this game is what I've wanted from a sonic game in over 10 years and is part of why I liked this game despite it's flaws but we'll get into the game itself
it's a return to form of a more serious and grounded sonic story. it reintroduces the players to the cast in the way they should have been written since around sonic colors, the game also adds lore pieces and explains things from previous games and this game which I think is really neat and Eggman + Sage is easily one of the best character moments in any Sonic game and I don't want to spoil for why
it's definitely a janky game but ultimately I personally enjoyed the open world zones and I think this should be the future for sonic games. my main gripe about it is that a lot of the collectibles aren't really needed which makes exploring sometimes feel wasteful but overall I thought it was fun and it's very fun to control sonic within this environment even on hedgehog engine 2 which has problems, Cyberspace is pretty meh-bad in most areas but it can be fun sometimes.... the lore reasons for why is cool but it is boring to see radical highway,sky sanctuary,green hill and chemical plant over and over. I feel like a lot of the shortcomings of this game's gameplay is both due to inexperience with a new gameplay style and budget. for context this game only had 60 people working on it which is abysmally low for a high grossing franchise, but overall I enjoyed the gameplay
It's fantastic and that's all that really needs to be said. Cyberspace levels have bopping music and the Metalcore/Heavy Rock tracks in the boss battles are blood pumping
it's a fun game and despite it's flaws like I said I personally enjoyed it. what it tried to go for and what this game represents makes me optimistic for the future of the franchise if they really do improve and get this formula right, this game will be heavily divisive between fans and non-fans just due to some people still arguing over how they think sonic should be in tone and play in general. it just depends on who Sega and Sonic Team listen to for the future of the franchise

the Dr. Bob of Genshin Impact, cheaper and "more worth the money" but the original recipe will always solo off brand

I recently did my bi-yearly replay of this game I love so much so I figured I'd write something about it and give a bit of in sight on the game itself.
Story :
You're Jimmy Hopkins who has just been expelled from numerous schools and your Mother and Step-Dad drop you off at Bullworth Academy. a School run by various cliques,bullies and all sorts of characters and as you naturally progress through the story you reform the school's culture and cliques. there are 6 Cliques in this game that include Jocks,Nerds,Greasers,Preppies,Townies and Bullies
Free Roam and General Gameplay -
as you walk around Bullworth Academy you can interact with various NPCs and the students of this game all have tons of personality and can do completely random stuff even if it gets a bit repetitive eventually. probably the most lively game until RDR2 from Rockstar and even then this game has more memorable quotes IMO. obviously you can get into fights, be chased by prefects for various "crimes" like violating curfew,truancy or violence. eventually more of the town of Bullworth opens up as you can take on more Errands,Side-Jobs,go to the Carnival,get more clothing,haircuts,bike races etc. you'll also see Students out about in town usually when Class has ended
Classes -
You can attend 2 Classes each day and the classes vary by a time schedule. these classes are Chemistry (push the button within the box minigame),English (you get 6 jumbled letters on a chalkboard and have to form as many words as you can),Art (you basically draw lines to fill in the painting while dodging erasers and scissors),Gym (wrestling and dodgeball),Shop (you do the correct movement on your controller to what is on screen) and Photography (taking pictures within a time limit). Scholarship Edition adds 4 new classes which are Music (basic rhythm minigame),Math (quick mathematical questions),Geography (which flag goes where) and Biology (dissection), personally the only classes that give useful rewards are Art,English,Chemistry,Geography and Shop class. Art gives you extra health from kissing girls (or gents),Chemistry gives you powerful weapons,Geography locates collectibles on the map,Shop gives you fast bikes for fast travel and English makes it easy to get away from prefects, the other classes basically just give you clothing
Missions -
A lot of Bully's missions are similar to the GTA Formula but there's a good amount of variety. one Mission you'll be going on a carnival date,boxing Preppies,smashing up your teacher's house,helping hide your English teachers booze etc, I don't want to go to in depth cause you'll know what to expect for the most part and I don't want to spoil the most important missions
Personally the Music here pretty much perfectly fits the game and it's school theme. the walk theme is a 10/10 and if you don't like the Preppies theme when you fight them then there's something wrong with you
Criticism about this version of the game:
Scholarship Edition adds 4 new Classes which are all fine. but it adds a few extra missions, 4 of them are filler missions required for the story around Chapter 3 and they all revolve around Christmas, they're insanely boring missions. they also added 2 Side "Missions", one of them you steal 3 bikes for a Townie which is another boring mission but it's optional and the other isn't even a mission at all and is basically just a cutscene for the gnome collectibles which already existed in the PS2 Original. there's also some bugs and some horrible audio mixing, like the end of the carnival date is extremely loud for no reason
Overall IMO an extremely fun game and anyone who is a fan of Rockstar's games should play it, it might not be one of the greatest games ever for everyone but personally this game holds a special place in my heart ever since I completed the game almost a decade ago

it might be broken as shit and unfinished but this game has a severe amount of SOUL especially within it's OST. I really wish this game could get a do-over despite how much this game pained me to complete as a kid

I'm playing this 10 years later since I played and beat it as a kid and I still really love this game. the daytime stages are absolutely the best of boost sonic's gameplay and it offers the most challenge imo out of colors and generations, the Werehog is usually hated on but honestly I kinda enjoyed some of the werehog levels. yeah sometimes it can be a mindless beat em up but I enjoyed some of the jank platforming
oh and this game is still janky in some areas and has a sprinkle of epic mid-late 2000's quick time events like the final boss where you have to mash the X/Square button 60 times in 10 seconds (I was stuck on that part for a good amount of time as a kid). it could be nostalgia bias but I do enjoy this game and I think I see why other Sonic fans do