The game that made Platinum have the reputation it did for making cool action games. Kamiya wanted to build on the groundwork set by DMC1 and takes it to a different direction from what Itsuno did with DMC3. Here the game builds heavily on the aspect of finishing combos for a more powerful hit property with the wicked weave system and builds even more on the already solid DMC1 enemy roster with enemies capable of dynamically fighting the player at many ranges at high speeds. The genius way that this was made to work without fighting the game to get to the properties you want is thanks to offsets letting you continue strings while dodging, in panther mode, crow mode, umbran spear teleporting, and even taunting. The core of fighting this exceptionally varied and mostly well crafted enemy roster is taken to the next level by Infinite Climax removing the crutch of witch time from dodges and Angel Slayer having the best encounters in the game. The things that hold this game back from being the best for myself is the weak boss roster outside Jeanne fights being solid and the gimmicky levels that deviate from the core being pretty unpleasant. Fantastic game that I would recommend to anyone interested in the genre.

Reviewed on Sep 17, 2020