Final boss is El Sicko. Otherwise pretty good!

Perhaps one of the lower grades I'll give to a game I finished without much hesitation, but man the wind kinda got taken out of my sails by the end. The combat (interacting with enemies at all, really) was the worst part of the game, and the increased emphasis in the closing hours just felt real bad.
Actually exploring and getting powerups was fun for a while though

Enough quirks and rough edges to not be a revolution for me as a vanilla experience. Still the best elder scrolls

Botched monetization on a fun game

Y'know I don't think the game is actually that great but I did finish the NFL gauntlet as the Chicago Bears in 2023 so y'know there's a certain amount of respect I must place on it

Rating for the Freelancer mode as part of world of assassination

Really had a quality time, endings just didn't really come together for me, and the tedium of the inventory management wore me down

Could not fathom sitting down to play this as the sole activity, but it's a great little steam deck game while I'm watching something

Lots of weirdo discussion surrounding a game that's just a mobile game but with MTX replaced with a $5 buy-in. It's a steam deck time killer and it's fine

Action games still firmly are not in my wheelhouse, but this was a good one!

A pretty dramatic improvement over D/P, more so than mid-gen upgrades in the previous games.
The Nuzlocke experience is hurt by some difficulty spikes pretty early on along with the computers tendency to confuse ray and self-destruct
The only other issues are native to gen-4, with typing distribution being pretty uneven, but it's improved somewhat here with some changes to routes


Banger tunes, basic everything else

Mashup of a bunch of keyword mechanics in a disgaea-esque art style, it's a bit much

Wild arms make an okay story challenge