now I’m not saying elora was one of the main reasons I kept playing
but elora was one of the main reasons I kept playing

when sindel said "MK12_148_154, 11" i cried. truly an emotionally gripping moment.

imagine being such a little bitch that you run away from a literal purple winged child


when i got the rolling ball ability i used it to dodge some enemies early on, and i said "fuck it we ball" when i did, so my brother responds by yelling in murray's voice "SLY IS FUCKING BALLIN!!"

crystal snail's stage makes me want to go to my nearest kfc and jump in the deep fryer

dr light makes own child commit suicide several times in order to shoot fireballs out of his hands but god forbid he has the common cold he can't do it

oatchi makes so many enemies and bosses his bitch and that's funny cuz he's a dog himself

no. just fucking no. i literally don't even have a joke or witty comment for how much i loathe this game to my very core.

sigh look, I appreciate what this game did for the industry, and I respect it greatly for everything it did for the first person shooter and despite what i'm about to say. I highly recommend trying the original Half-Life. I don't like this game. I do not. I feel like the enemy soldiers having hitscan and aimbot is incredibly unfair, every encounter i have with them leaves me with very little health on normal mode, and you can call this a skill issue all you want but I don't understand when a game has difficulty options, I decide to pick normal and the game bombards me with what I feel is cheap bullshit. The later levels suck, there's not a lot of indication on where to go because a lot of the architecture looks the same. I'm aware of Black Mesa and I'm certain at the very least I'll enjoy the other Half-Life games more, but this one just isn't for me. I'm sorry.

Honestly loved this one. Aside from a few frustrating bits it was nice to see the story unfold with some incredible movement based platforming and metroidvania level design.

Jedah is the only fuckin reason i go back to this game

this game is being played at evo 2023 and it's still and unbalanced MESS! we gotta play our best! won't do any good. i've seen this before. you've seen this before?! eleven times as a matter of fact. cap, what do we do?! grabs joe WE'RE BONED! screams in agony as they're barraged by morrigan projectiles

this is where i'd quote the funny infinite meme but i am morally obligated as a woman with white skin to not quote it