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This game is boring. Unlike the first game this game does little to try to change itself from the competition. This game is the first one but worse in almost every regard. The battle system is annoying and slow, most of the time you're shooting enemies that are off screen and getting knocked into different camera angles. I guess this one was trying to be scarier than the first one but its hard to find it scary when you have infinite ammo, enemies stay dead permanently, and you can shoot fucking fireballs and wind blams which completely take you out the mood. The mood isnt even really there in the first place, most things arent threatening, and you know full well what the game is throwing at you. Theres no cool battle music, no interesting battle system, characters are somehow worse than the first, and the setting is more stale. The puzzles that you would get from resident evil games are practically non-existent. I tried to force myself to finish this but most of the game is just spent smashing your face against every wall for useful items, shooting offscreen enemies, and boring and dragged out dialogue all of which is lacking any good music. I wish they just expanded on the first games combat system.

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