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(i dont speak french what are they saying)

better than the first one, good series :)

What an absolute disgrace
Boring combat, bland presentation, and a story that has nothing meaningful to say and instead relies on cheap shock value like "OMG, what if a child DIED"
Everyone involved with this should be ashamed with themselves

At first I was unsure if I should review this since I technically never played it but then I remembered that I watched a baby sensory video once and that’s basically the same thing

Bro do you seriously expect me to find a guy with a triangle for a head scary? Mascot horror is such a joke

played this while recovering from a major surgery in a hospital. there's probably like entire underground societies and institutions dedicated to this shit, dudes out there formulating the perfect monkey situations and learning optimal placements on each map. there's gotta be like one guy out there with a tattoo of this shit. to me, it's that game i played while bleeding and dying and watching red letter media videos. i don't wanna know it anymore intimately than that. it was like a cast for a broken arm on my brain, bracing the suffocating agony of my white ass away from insufferable boredom and loneliness. for that week, i understood the life of the ipad baby.