Secretly the best Tetris game.
The only Tetris game by Capcom. It also has Disney characters for some reason.
Main appeal here is "Magical Tetris", which is probably one of the most enjoyable 'versus Tetris' modes I've played. Rather than having garbage pile up (which is also in this game, called Updown Tetris) or having annoying power-ups (looking at you Puyo Puyo Tetris), Magical Tetris opts for sending your opponent increasingly awkward bricks to use.
This ranges from sending them 6 o-pieces in a row, a 3x3 cube, pentominoes, and absurdly large cubes. It's a great system that forces you to change your Tetris strategy frequently. This is packaged in a single player arcade mode, with some very light hearted and silly scenes in between. Being able to play as 4 different characters gives it replay value, but its Tetris, that is enough replay value there.
There's also a co-operative mode, but I have no friends willing to play Tetris with me. Will update this review when I make friends.
The music is also absolutely stonking. Masato Kouda from Marvel vs Capcom 1 on this thing (not the one who did Wolverine's theme) and seems to been given free range to make some PHAT choones.
Overall, this is the best Tetris that doesn't have Grand Master, DS, 99 or Effect in the title.

Reviewed on Feb 22, 2022

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1 month ago

Yo what the hell Magical Tetris mode sounds sick