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"but what if he was golf ball?"
"sure why not"

The last thing I want to do is stare at my own face.

Really weird game but i remember running around my gran's house shooting photos of myself and I had quite a good time

The game to send to the aliens.
To remind ourselves why we play videogames. In case we ever forget.

Good music and still a fun time to play today. No two player co-op hurts the game a lot. The length might be too short and the difficulty may be too high for fake gamers. It is still worth a playthrough today if you want to know one of the OG's for beat em up games. Better than the arcade version for sure.

That Drawing Kirby Opening Is The Cutest And Most Pure Thing I Have Ever Seen

usually on weekday nights my gf and i will settle down after dinner and put on a tv show that takes little attention to follow while we do other stuff, like she does embroidery and i play video games etc etc. So last night Gossip Girl season five is going and it's like, things are pretty good right now, Blair's about to get married to Prince Louis of Monaco even though she's clearly in love with Chuck still but she can't admit that to herself because of her PTSD and the audience can tell that Louis sucks shit even though nobody else can, meanwhile DAN has also realized that he's in love with Blair which is something I've been saying should happen for the ENTIRE SHOW but they've barely interacted before this season and suddenly became fast friends after years of animosity once the writers realized their character commonalities and insane chemistry, BUT he's gonna just be supportive of her decisions in whatever capacity she needs him because he's acting unselfishly for the first time maybe ever? It's literally the first time I've liked Dan, it's a fucking miracle. EVEN the storyline that is tangentially related to Serena is pretty good right now, even if Serena herself remains an irritating charisma black hole.
All of this is to say that Gossip Girl has never been more riveting, so I was planning to just pop in something breezy to occupy my restless fingers while I enjoyed the soap's rapidly approaching midseason climax, so imagine my surprise when my girlfriend tapped me on the shoulder to say "what's this what's going on," making me realize that i had been sitting at the Kirby's Dream Land Title Screen, bobbing my head back and forth to the music, watching kirby jump around with a smile on my face like a cartoon idiot, enjoying the music coming into my single earbud, for at least a long enough time to miss the fact that Nate's cousin was conspiring to have him assassinated.
This is Kirby's power. It has been here all along. They're so fucking cute dude, and FUN, just a joy to embody and to play at all times. It's infectious. For forty-five minutes I was transported. There's very little like it out there, and possibly nothing better.
Also Lolo's in this game! I had that game for the NES. Played it with my older brother all the time. Love that guy.

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