T0fug3n's Doki Doki Literature Club! Playthroughs

This game is still pretty good, even after 2 years from its launch. I don't play a lot of Visual Novels, so I can't call it the best VN ever (This is also my first horror game that I've played without laughing at random nonsense with my friends). But I can say that it has made me consider looking into some more of these.

(+) The horror doesn't rely on jumpscares, but rather fucks with your mind as the game reaches the end, and that's pretty cool
(+) Like the art
(+) The music not only helps as background music for the non-horror segments and are very memorable, but the horror tracks are just really creepy
(+) There are some paths you can go to make the game play slightly different

(-) The game has two endings, but the choices regardless don't impact it at all

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020