Kinda mid tbh? I dropped it around where Joshua got to the promised land and while I've skimmed some parts of the new testament arc and it's clearly an improvement in writing and philosophy but the early parts are just too much of a slog to stomach for a required understanding of what's to come.
I'd read Muramasa any day over this.

SMT fans will tell you to "Play a real Shin Megami Tensei game" and then you do and it sucks ass.


So I gotta beat the game 10 times just to see the "true" ending? What is this, Ghosts 'n Goblins?
Seinfeld laugh track

I wish anyone who thought it would be fun and quirky to not have all beans like in Super Metroid just to have key switching as a mechanic for doors while backtracking a very kindly go fuck yourself.
Other than that this game is pretty goated. It's Nintendo's attempt at their own Half Life/Doom and it works better than both of them while also reinventing an old IP.

One dev takes 4 years to turn one of the worst games of all time to just mid, Sonic fans gobble it up because they are battered housewives starved for content and mediocrity.
What is this trying to prove, really? That 06 could have been good in the ideal world where games don't have deadlines and budget limitations? Are we going to judge games based on what they could have been instead of what they are, now? Where was this charitability with other games like Superman 64, Yandere Simulator or Mass Effect Andromeda? Big news! It takes a gargantuan amount of effort to produce even the most mediocre works of art. It's not like I'm heartless and can't see the merit on this, but really ChaosX is better off making his own game or looking for a job in the industry.
There are so many design flaws in the original game that are downright unfixable by design and they show here. The controls are still too floaty and jittery for a speedy action platformer. The mach speed section still sucks, there are too many gimmicky stages (you still get to play as Amy for a total of 3 minutes) that try too hard to be a bland mish mash of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and no amount of drafts could ever fix the god awful story or the hub-world with stupid fetch quests to save Pele the realistic dog.
Sonic fans keep saying that the haters need to get over Sonic 06, but clearly they haven't gotten over it either.

Bismillah by the power of Allah may he smite down Blizzard HQ so it forever crashes and burns in hell Inshallah

Still better than half of the main series

The Cheetahmen ran off....
....And now....
The Cheetahmen
Soseki Natsume wishes he could write better Haikus than this

Hey remember when James "Where did the hair go?" Rolfe aka balding video game nerd promoted a scam company that said they would fix this game and they just took their money and ran away?
No? Just me then? Alright.

My old review was too based for this website so all I'm going to say is that not only it's cringe and promotes abhorrent messages catered to incels but it's also a pretty garbage game

People say Zero Escape and Uchikoshi fell off on ZTD but nah, the cracks were already showing here.
Probably the ugliest looking VN out there. Even ignoring the downgrade in art style from the previous game the 3D models here make RWBY look like a pixar film, and the upscaled resolutions from the re-releases don't make it any better. I don't ask for much when it comes to the visuals on the visual novel department but if you're gonna put me through 20+ hour long reads the least I expect is for it to not look like shit.
Story wise it feels like a borderline parody of 999, guess people complained on how cryptic some of the puzzles were on the first game so they dumbed it down for the babbies who think Professor Layton's 3DS games are difficult. It does nothing that the first one already didn't do better in terms of character dynamics or themes, and you're basically playing a longer version of it with more branching paths that amount to the same endings with slight variations, route locks and unskippable transitions for when you are moving around on the map.
All of that timewasting of arguing semantics for a gotcha cliffhanger ending that shows the trilogy had no idea how to wrap itself up because it clearly didn't have enough material to be a trilogy. Part of me feels that the ending was omitted here because Uchikoshi didn't feel like writing one and hoped that he could wave it away by saying "Whoops, third game wasn't greenlit! Sorry, guess I don't have to explain shit!"
Lo and behold, the third game got greenlit, and we all know how that turned out. Some stones are better left unturned.

"Wow vtubers are so cringe amirite guys? 0.5 stars!"
-Some guy with Kingdom Hearts and Type-Moon shit on his favs

I shared a blunt with a dog and a child.
RPG Maker devs once again proving they can do better with a shoestring budget and a 20 year old engine than Square Enix or GameFreak.
It's everything Darkest Dungeon pretends to be: hard and punishing, but the bad rng is barely an obstacle for experienced and returning players. Brutal, edgy and depressing, but adds enough variety from the sources it derives from so it's nothing too predictable that makes you feel like you're going through motions. It's very refreshing to play RPGs that break away from the conventional restriction of the genres where you should only fight when absolutely necessary instead of grinding.
Only played through Endings E C and Dungeon Nights but I can see myself playing through this indefinetly, it's really addicting in it's oppressive atmosphere. If you're the type who complains that Dark Souls games getting a difficulty option would destroy the whole point of the game, try this on for size. It's a great measuring scale of game design as to what counts as a hard game, and as a good game too.