July, 2022

June, 2022


0h 37m


I think Level 5 was largely my favorite run of levels, mostly because it took pretty cool use of bookshelves hiding crawling hands coming at you, and the bottomless pits in the containment tubes were easier to avoid and enemies typically didn't spawn to push you in them. The sewers and lab get a difficulty spike, but it's still a test of patience overall.

The portal level sucked. The amount of health just isn't enough for what is memorization of patterns with some otherwise unreactable segments in the chaos.

The seventh string of levels was also fine! The void's aesthetic is cool, and I like how the eventual escape is basically running away from Brawl's Tabuu with some glowing orbs. The difficulty of the second part, removing the girl from the crystal, is pretty punishing, though.

The final section of levels is where it really gets grating in terms of options and movement, though. The patterns of the elevator drop are fine, but the final boss is heavy reaction time + patterns with a high difficulty curve. It's not impossible and the difficulty is a challenge, but it really pushes how little your movement and combat options are, where the last section of the final boss requires nearly perfect execution with movement I already wasn't a fan of.


0h 35m


This game is brutally hard, but the aesthetic fucks. The first level starts off pretty easy, with just a tough boss that will almost immediately make you lose a life as you get more used to the system. Wish the picking up weapons thing was telegraphed better, although I guess there's manuals for this sort of thing.

It's the second set of levels that are the real doozy, though. The elevator is unforgiving along with your lack of lives, but there's also the purple things that really test your movement along with patience. And then you have a boss which has patterns you need to learn quickly.

Really love the gory shit in the third set of levels with the boss here. First it throws scissors at you along with a chainsaw, but then you have to deal with fetus-looking marionettes that spit acid at you.

The fourth set of levels is where the bosses really get... well cheap is the wrong word, but unfun? The guy has your slide which has better frame data than you, so you have to have perfect jumps to hit back, as it's the only way to do damage and not receive any in return. It's a realllllly small gap. But then he morphs into a spider that really punishes you. I just wish you had more combat options than punch, kick, and jumping kick. Not being able to carry weapons to mix it up a bit into other sections of a level is annoying.

May, 2022


0h 42m


METAL GEAR.... it begins....

I spent an embarrassing amount of time not using the box wondering why rooms were unfair until I realized you could just use the box for the cameras. I'm an idiot.

Abusing the ammo spawns so I can just use the suppresser on everything. I like how some rooms force you to learn guard patterns but also I'm sorry I just want to continue fast, pew pew

I like how the RA achievement for getting captured is "I M SO SMRT!!!"

October, 2021


0h 33m


Having a very pleasant replay. Still very cute. Love all the flavor text by checking that I didn't do when I played it the first time. There's some really good jokes in there.

Toriel is still ADORABLE and still MAKES ME SAD
The music is still FANTASTIC and still MAKES ME SAD

I love seeing Sans and Papyrus just look back and forth over and over again only to confuse a rock with a human lol


1h 21m


Ate my face in from the word go. At first I thought it was easy with the first two enemies, but as soon as the big guy shows up, immediately had to adjust hard to the controls and figuring out how to set shit up.
And at that point, was absolutely invested. This game is so, so, so much fun. Combos are insanely customizable and the game really asks you to be on your dodge game... which also shows how bad I am (I don't even know how many times I've died already up to the first boss). I love and hate the dynamic difficulty. I understand the game getting easier when I suck so I enter the flow state easier, but I also find the game less fun at Lv 1 than I do Lv 2. I have yet to even touch 3 or DIE though lol

Absolutely cheesed the first boss as much as I could, if you could even call it cheesed because I still died 35 times, it is a HUGE step up in difficulty. Just quick on roulettes and god hand, trying to get them stuck in a corner as they acrobat jump all over my ass and make me eat the ground. I love this game.

1h 36m


Still feels insanely nostalgic to open the game up (playing on Mother 1+2 translation). Also still hilarious how the Easy Ring was patched in, the TL was really that mad at the game that they intentionally made the game easier lmao

The music is such a vibe, such impressive music for NES-era and the GBA does a really good job emulating it as well, which is a surprise!

The battle system is still lame as hell and I'm really just mashing the attack button for levels 1-14, as well as examining what PSI is, but the Easy Ring makes everything else more than just tolerable.

Currently just got Lloyd, I'm moving decently fast (thank you Easy Ring!). There's still a few annoying things in terms of inventory space up to that point (I drop so many things ;_;), but otherwise I'm so glad I'm playing this version.

2h 10m


Got absolutely fucked by the tutorial boss, but otherwise haven't died once, although I'm also a really cautious player. There's always a ton of grass if you look hard enough.
I like the oppressive aesthetic of the world, it's so dreary. It kinda melds into every single enemy, which might be a turn off to some but I find it really helps the atmosphere. It's soulless but it's the point, I think.

Phalanx, for example, has little to no soul to it as far as I know. It's just a mass of shields and spears, and there's very little color to it, save for a light color in the middle, behind all of it... wish the boss fight was any good, though. I found it really boring to just run and cut.
The problem is that Hoplites are introduced to you before the boss itself, which makes the boss' puzzle ridiculously easy. You already learn "oh get behind them", now it's "run around and murder". The only difference is you have to be quicker on your feet, I guess.
Also didn't expect one area in Demon's to take so long! This is my first Souls experience but good lord.
I also haven't gotten any spells? Is there a place to get them?

I've also just been informed Phalanx has lore that I might be able to figure out if I didn't leave one Hoplite alive because I'm used to bosses going apeshit when they're the only one left in a plethora of other games. I was worried about an enrage thing.

September, 2021

August, 2021


0h 52m

Does.... does Winnie the Pooh want to commit suicide? He was thinking about "how to say goodbye to Pooh"...... And then I immediately have to leave to get pages.

Opposite Armor really be "You really thought you were safe with Ripple Charge, huh". Donald and Goofy continue to be unintentional meat shields as they dumbly run straight into every hit, wasting my Potions from them using it on themselves.

I am not creative and just decked out my Gummi Ship until it looks like a Frankenstein's monster but it's got speed, power, and armor! Just don't look too closely it's a mess


1h 7m

Clayton's fight was annoying simply because I had to climb the vines to get to him, but otherwise was a piece of cake, even with the gecko thing. That being said, the slide game seems like a piece of cake until it surprises you on the last fruit and then you have to restart the whole thing all over again to get that one dang fruit hahahahahahahaha

I like how the return visit to Traverse features more aerial enemies. My favorite part of the combat is air fighting because ground gives you too many good things early game that makes fighting a joke and you have to be careful when jumping around or you'll stumble into something's charge up.


0h 57m

I never had too much of an issue with Wonderland or the Colosseum. Wonderland being topsy turvy in navigating felt appropriate to the area, and it at least is a small world so it's actually not that hard to navigate around. Colosseum is just straight up a challenge test and is where, for me, was the first difficulty spike.

Deep Jungle, however? I hate this area. This area sucks. I get the idea of vines jumping and the slide area being fun scenes, but when you start going back and forth to progress the story and they immediately turn into bad gimmicks and sometimes the vines just don't work, I would rather play fucking ToonTown for the same things!


1h 9m

Olympus Colosseum is the difficulty spike. Had to use potions against Cloud and Cerberus, so that's a first. Cloud is relatively easy to just jump jump jump and try to hit him from behind, but Cerberus asked a lot out of my movement, just mashing puts you in the line of fire. A welcome change to be honest.

I'm kinda mad that I didn't use magic more often when I was younger, because it's especially good for getting XP against certain enemies and for clearing out crowds. Blizzard is especially useful for being a frontal cone, and Fire can be used out of combos. I don't know what Thunder is good for, it saps way too much out of my MP.


0h 59m

Flower: "Hey kid, you want to buy some drugs? Just gimme a Potion and I'll get you the GOOD stuff"

Wonderland was OK. A bunch of gigantic shadows I was never told about spawned after clearing a few waves of enemies and then vanished, and I have no idea why. Trickmaster was easy, just let Donald and Goofy die while you get on a shelf and mash your head against the button. Whoever said to use the Blizzard tactic, it doesn't work. Just hit. He just goes back to the oven sooner anyway.

Gotta love how I collected all the evidence for the Queen and still got the goddamn box with Donald and Goofy, what even is my luck. The mushrooms also already spawned in the forest area and I can't even do anything with them lol


0h 55m

Who will win? Some guy who hates everything from a Final Fantasy game, or one kid with a key that nukes based on MP damage? You decide! I'm told Traverse Town is still the "start" and that Wonderland will be the difficulty jump, but I still don't see it. It's too late to change difficulty anyway.

This game is both "I am mashing this button" but also at the same time "mashing will just get you killed". It's especially prevalent in swarms where just mashing means the Shadows or Soldiers behind will ambush you, even if Donald and Goofy as additions are there to, quote on quote, help (Holy shit Donald your MP is not unlimited). That being said, Ripple Drive? Busted. Leon dies in like 8 strings from it, Guard Armor took like 12.

Sora's smile killed somebody.


1h 40m


OK the energy tank in the hallway having a trap was actually a good one. I was already full on energy tanks but that is hilarious, well played game.

Also finished my first run! Did it in 2:15. Mother Brain was heavily annoying and I never realized how scary the Metroids are without Ice Beam even if they're very fleeting (like... 4 rooms?). I'm going to go for a speed time to get under an hour and then end it there.

Not a fun game, and it's not just limitations and the timeframe. Movement is super restrictive and everything feels like it lags. I appreciate the violent alien atmosphere that thinks Samus should leave and the disorientation it tries for, but it is so unfun to play and how combat is just "tank the damage and hope for the best" is grueling.


0h 57m

Hindsight is 20/20 but I feel like I should've picked Proud. I know I literally just left Destiny Islands but the punishment I've been getting is minimal, and I don't think the game counted on me being 100% run meaning I'm farming to get items = I'm constantly overleveled. Oh well.

Ripple Drive is insanely good. Literally just NUKE a set of enemies with a finisher, even better than Stun Impact. Think it's also because I have more MP from picking staff but goddamn.

I like how the game teases you with "LOOK AT THIS GUY WHO BECAME A THING YOU'VE NEVER SEEN" only to just be surrounded by Shadows mooks instead. Also the townspeople are just suddenly gone with the wind when they showed up in the first district. Are they hiding or have they already become Heartless..... suspicious.


1h 8m

Despite a whole hour of play, in the grand scheme of things, I didn't get much done in KH1. Lot of grinding to Level 10 to make 100% completion easier later. The quicker I get to level 40 the better, and farming off of XP dumps from Wakka or Selphie is the earliest opportunity without going insane smacking shadows later.
Why did 7 year old me have so much trouble with Riku, he is physically incapable of dealing with a jumping Sora. It's like he's secretly terrified, or maybe people are just reticent to jump in combat
I got beat in the race because of one mistake, and I kept restarting until I won just to get a stone to sell. Farming these would actually be insanity, because it really isn't that much and there are better places to get monies later.
Random stranger I have no idea what you're talking about I just wanted this mushroom please stop making fun of me


0h 34m

I have no idea how speedrunners beat Kraid, seems like he covers all options in terms of movement and there's no way NOT to get hit. I just tanked damage and bombed and missiled and waved as much as I could and survived with like 90 health. Felt like I cheesed it.

Really, really wish you could switch beams like you switch to missile mode. Also, dear god there are rooms that look exactly the same, with barely a difference other than one has a wall and one doesn't. You really do need to write yourself a map to get around. It just feels like it doesn't fit in a game of sci-fi where Samus has a suit with a visor that could probably give it SOME kind of map, as opposed to La-Mulana where the guy is literally an archaeologist who writes on maps, or Zelda 1 where you're a kid on an adventure. I know the NES has limitations but it also has the capability to make rooms more distinct than this based on other games.


0h 18m

This game actually gets really frustrating once you get past Level 2. I have no idea how to deal with the fire monsters and the conveyors level is insane. I also have no idea how to set myself up for the triple barrel or quadruple barrel jump achievement for RA. I'll figure it out eventually.