Hi I'm big music-core guy, this is my fav games which totally isn't biased by that and a healthy dose of 'dem rose-tinted glasses


I literally cannot listen to the soundtrack of this game without crying from what happens.


A platform fighter that's heavily movement focused where every character's hyper-focused gimmick is both radically different and has its own unique movement? Why aren't more people playing this damn game I WILL BUY PEOPLE COPIES


I wish I could make a soundtrack that is this fitting to every single action in a game.
I also wish I could be in a game this pretty.


Will forever be a part of my identity and part of my life. Maybe I'm relatively young and Asperger's has something to do with it, but this made me see the world a lot differently, and hopefully that doesn't sound wrong.
Literally can't forget a single song off this soundtrack either.


Industrialization is fully explored through the lens of both being a quality of life and a corrupting force as it fully encroaches a town originally set with nature and working together.
Musical combat that fucking works too.


Haha I've replayed the data bosses hundreds of times and it has not gotten any less fun and I haven't gotten any more sane
Shimomura is my favorite composer there is no other close I'm sorry


Someone literally made a The Prisoner puzzler game but nobody fucking played it because it was iOS only and had an actual game price tag of $9 instead of being "freemium". I hate the mobile market, this game fucking rocks don't let it die


The game that pushed me into speed running and shining a light on the fact that I really like fun and fast movement more than any other gameplay.
What a beautiful use of motifs too.


Let's be honest, the best part of Majora's Mask isn't the actual Zelda gameplay. Sure, the dungeons are great, but I think having a living breathing world to explore like this is better


I've always had this mythical idea of what arcade shooters were, these larger than life noisy cabinets with Michael Bay explosives that is constantly jam-packed and gameplay noise and a feast for the eyes.
This shmup is the closest I've been to having that.


Had a very personal attachment very quickly to this and I can't let go. Would argue the musical heights here are bigger than Undertale even if it's overall not the same. I love the subtle (well maybe not that subtle) changes to the art style and the battle system is improved in every aspect I wanted. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Brawl has the best soundtrack don't @ me

This to me is the biggest Nintendo fan service game. Yeah the gameplay is probably the best of having a happy medium in terms of giving Melee a firm hand shake while being something to its own, but this mod more than PM on its own has the most additions that it feels like the full Nintendo experience.


Sonic is a game series that you can't love initially. It never, ever starts out on the right foot, regardless of where you enter from. What makes Mania good for a lot of people is their experience with the entire series up to this point, or if it's a first entry, because they spent a lot of time on it until the game brought out gold. Because it does eventually bring out gold.


Waffled between having this or +R, ended with this because I just find the movement much more fun here.




Sakurai literally made a racing game around one damn button that still has a skill ceiling and is super fun to play, you can't tell me this isn't one of the greatest games on the market.
Also my fav Kirby soundtrack too! Shogo Sakai is a god


Yes, Portal and Portal 2 have really great identities and awesome music, maybe even better music than this game, but my issue with those 2 games is that they feel so tutorialized that by the time it's done teaching all of the mechanics you're mostly done with the game. This gets your 1/4 through the game knowing almost everything around the mechanics and there's still a whole game to play. Challenging, scary (those mines freak me the hell out), and the plot is somewhat compelling.


No, I'm not kidding. There's always that one "time killer" game I'm insanely addicted to without having me throw money and I feel like that deserves praise. Minesweeper is also insanely fun to optimize speed runs to boot.
Some picross game might beat this idk


A conversation around the relationship between the user and the creator, humanity to game development while being a character study from a parasocial perspective.


I had to include some kind of music rhythm game because I spend all my time listening to music and games tailored around it almost always end up being my favorite. I played this one the most, even more than stepmania and jubeat (when I could actually find it), so here it stands.


I can literally pick up this game at any time and enjoy myself no matter where I am in the game. The game isn't perfect in any aspect, but it's GREAT at every aspect.


Halo is such a big part of my life that I have more merchandise, books, and other supplemental content than I am ashamed to admit. This one in the series is the biggest soft spot and the most memories.


This game is so ridiculously easy and simplistic, so why the hell did I cry at the end, when "At Journey's End" kicked in and it was just heavenly? I have no idea. Maybe I'm just a pussy.


I can't put this game down help me


To me this is Mass Effect. That is all


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