Zelda Ranked

I used to be a hardcore Zelda fan in my teens and the result is that I have really aggressive opinions on the Zelda games.
S tier is 1-2
A tier is 3-6
B tier is 7-15
C tier is 16-23
D tier is 24-26
F tier is 27-28


Let's be honest, the best part of Majora's Mask isn't the actual Zelda gameplay. Sure, the dungeons are great, but I think having a living breathing world to explore like this is better


I can literally pick up this game at any time and enjoy myself no matter where I am in the game. The game isn't perfect in any aspect, but it's GREAT at every aspect.


When I work against my instinct to do everything, being able to just do whatever and have the rewards be worth it 90% of the time is nice. I love the immersive sim aspect and speed running side of this game, and such a well done minimalist soundtrack!


I love just vibing on the sea, something this game excels at. Just pure wholesome vibes all around.


I will never understand why people dislike this DS game when it has so much charm and such good music. The dungeons are lackluster as a result of allowing the broken notes feature, but the gameplay outside of that is still very fun.


The game is 2D vibes for me. I love its aesthetic, think some of the dialogue is decently funny, found the companion kinda endearing, and I like the dungeons for being short and sweet. It's also the 2D Zelda I grew up on so you can burn me at the stake


The tank controls aren't a problem, I think you're just kinda bad at the game. All the enemies are built around them and other than the Wizzrobes in Death Mountain, I think this game gets an unfair rep save for maybe guides when it comes to hints, but NOT when it comes to maps or dungeons (TAKE NOTES DUMMY)


See WW but now it's worse because oh god Triforce Quest is indeed as bad as you remember


Has my favorite character designs in the entire series strapped into a B-plot that makes one of my favorite characters lame by the end and oh boy I sure do love the LIGHTING. Will say the HD version fixes some of my control issues and trims the bugs.


The cryptic progression-gating sucks, and a few of the dungeons in the dark world blur together, but I still find combat and its essential gameplay pillars to be really fun. Music holds up well too even if LBW has better remixes sorry not sorry


Purely a stand-in for Definitive Edition, this is just fan service tailored towards me and I unapologetically love it for only that. It's also good when it comes to most musous even if most musous suck


See HD but I have controls issues, dislike some of the models that don't hold up well (TP HD isn't perfect but it does fix this issue), and oh god I think this is the buggiest mainline Zelda.


Love the aesthetic and I think it held to the orchestral transition fairly well (I'm still not as huge on it as most), and the HD version fixes every single one of my main gripes although it still carries a few more. Also the dungeons are hit or miss, it can't decide between nice puzzle dungeons like the sandy boat or lame slightly cinematic places like the Cistern that can't trust the player to retain info


Fuck the original Link's Awakening, I don't care who I piss off. The pacebreakers are all gone here and I actually adore this kind of toy box aesthetic. A lot of the archaic issues are also cut for the better imo


A downgrade in fan appeal compared to the Definitive Edition while tightening the gameplay a tad, making it my favorite musou from a MECHANICS POV but barely walking in any other area, even musically.


Seasons is higher for having more preferable dungeons on average and a mechanic I'm more a fan of when it comes to puzzle mechanics. Still think a lot of the game is boring, though.


I actually never had an issue with the Wii controls as much as others, but Fi getting in the way so often sucks and it's a constant pacebreaker here, especially with how she tells you what you already know. Interruptions are rampant here and the intro is TOO LONG


Can we all come to terms with the fact that Ocarina of Time is just OK. I have a preference for the 3D version because of how it "fixes" the Water Temple in terms of pacebreakers (IRON BOOTS) even if it makes finding the 3 water levels a bit of a joke. I also like the controls change.


Probably the worst port of a Zelda game, plainly worse in terms of visuals, gameplay appeal, and bombers never leaving you the fuck alone. Broke Zora and Deku forms, the music is mixed slightly worse, and just a yuck to a few of the new player models. It still has the MM core tenets, but why play this one?


A game only really enjoyable when playing multiplayer as the singleplayer components are clearly tacked on, but even then I haven't had much fun with this game when the opportunity arose, other than the awesome bi as fuck costume features.


Dungeons are worse on average, the music is worse, and this is even more boring than the other 2D games. Meh.


I'm no longer in the camp of "this game is one of the worst games ever" but there really isn't that much to this game still, even if you get it all together and working. It's nice to move with the buddies but also the puzzles are so LAME here.


I don't like pacebreakers, and Link's Awakening is full of them. Eagle's Tower is nice and all but I feel like I'm in the pause menu every 15 seconds and it results in me never feeling like I'm having fun. It also has a lot of keyhole design here which I KNOW the whole series has that problem but I find it the worst here?!? I'll give credit to the fact that the world is bizarre and I like the dungeon DX adds.


Everyone plays up how cool high low blocking is but they don't mention that.... that's it. That's all this game has. Dungeons? No. Aesthetic? Not really. Really mean towards the player? Kinda. Even more cryptic and worse translated than Zelda 1? YEAH!


This is just worse DX and I already dislike DX.


How not to use the DS as a controller. Temple of the Ocean King is bland and all, but I think the worst aspect is that the game really lacks charm and 1/4 of its aesthetic is riding off of Wind Waker but, y'know, worse. I'm sorry I really don't find Linebeck funny. I think I was only partial to one dungeon just because it was kinda spooky. The worst Zelda for me.


10 months ago

if you get a chance you should try cadence of hyrule

10 months ago

Broke my heart when you said most musous suck.

10 months ago

I've played Cadence but I don't think it counts

10 months ago

Interesting list! I respect seeing Spirit Tracks so high, still need to get around to these DS ones

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