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Ya know. I hated this game for a long time and wanted nothing to do with it. It was unwarranted because I was some sort of gay ignoramus Tekken elitist. But this game is at my place of work and it has made me fall in love with fighting games again, hell I started practicing this game and bought Street Fighter 6 all in one night because it just gave me that fighting game ‘bug’ again. Anyways, this is the greatest crossover game in history, getting to see Ryu fight Minecraft Steve is just meme magic. The combinations and absurdities know no bounds. The graphics are easy on the eyes, easy to learn hard to master, the roster is 10/10. I don’t know how to end the review…

Honestly the side quests were pretty cool, it felt like old Bethesda again. And this game does take a shit on the last two Bethesda games. But still, it’s not very good, if you’re idea of fun is to hit a loading screen every two seconds then be my guest. Go play Mass Effect it’s way better.
The performance was pretty decent on Xbox it’s a shame you are locked in 4k though because I would have liked a higher frame rate. The graphics are pretty good imo. And maybe if I was in high school/middle school and not a jaded old ass, I would have liked it.

This was my first Atlus game I played to completion. (The only other one was I got a quarter through Persona 5)
I liked it, it was a solid 4/5 star, until the last sequence. That ending was not very good either. It made me want a 3/5 stars but felt that was dishonest because I did put 50 hours into the game.
I really thought the gameplay was fun and reminded me of Pokémon which is probably super obvious to the peeps that even know this game in passing, I never did. And the grind was fun I thought the boss fights can be pretty tough. Requires a good grind to get a roster that can beat them with their weakness.
The story was actually alright for the first half or so then it just starts to rush the plot and gives you some lame choices that probably determine who the final bosses are. All three were really lame and about a puddle deep as to why you would be motivated to choose any of them. What’s left for me though is this game has got me on this itch for anime/jrpg’s games. And I will most definitely check out the other games in Atlus’ catalog.