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This game really makes you FEEL like a pissed off stupid teenager.

Also it's real good. Its everything you liked about The Last of Us but better. Improved stealth AI around enemies, improved stealth options with the prone and silencer. Its not MGSV but as a linear story driven action game it's one of the best ones out there.

And that beautiful UI. Dark Mode baby! Dark Mode! Seriously this has one of the most pleasing and clean looking UIs out there and combined with the audio cues it makes for a pretty welcoming and well considered presentations in western AAA gaming. Theres as much care for the player here as in a Dragon Quest.

I still like Wii U more but its insane that everybody is here.

This game alone justifies the purchase of PSVR.

This game tossed half of 2D Mario into the bargain bin.

Tried playing this again after having a really good time with Uncharted 2. I just don't think I can play through this game again. It feels so bad to play. Drakes animations are all over the place and the character and camera get caught on so much of the geometry. Its quote astonishing how bad it can feel to just move around and shoot in this thing.

Changing my rating from 2 stars to 1 star. Cant belive I actually ended up enjoying this worse than 1. The story was never something to take super seriously or anything but it's just so hilariously bad in this game too. Not even in fun campy ways theres just lazy plot devices and stupid moments constantly and for no reason other than seeming laziness or poor planning on the part of the storytellers.

They put Link in a fighting game

Its no 3D World but at the same time this is what ruined my life and made me love video games more than any other thing.

The bug porn game at the end is kindve a drag ain't it? Otherwise its perfect and I thank Twin Beard for giving something to show my classmates in those dull typing classes.

Not to slag on another game to praise this one but this 2D pre-carnation of Metal Gear Solid outclasses its 3D predecessor in so many ways. It's a shame so many overlook it for being old and not having the technical capabilities to be cinematic. The story is stronger in this one even. I mean you have a scientist needing to take a pee break to give Snake the space necessary to reach a Olympians heart.

I didnt realize until a week ago that this and Jak X have basically the same story.

Team Icos best game. Trico is incredible from artistic and technical perspectives. Puzzles are fun. Water is fun. Flying is fun. Making a friend with a beast is fun.
This might be the best game eva made.

Even the treasure collectibles are 10x better than Uncharted 1s.

Boy do I hate when this game suddenly decides to change all the rules of how things work.

Once timefall touches something it stops being timefall iirc.

This mean timefall should be harmless. Air itself is a physical property. But we'll just keep that to ourselves.

I only bothered rating this bundle release because the box arts are the best is the business.