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This game was conceptually very interesting, but I think the execution falls very flat. I felt like I was playing a prototype for a game that needed a lot more development. Music was great but they barely let you listen to it. Props to them for going for it, but I'd call this a miss. There are better modern day homebrew Genesis games out there if that is what you're looking for.

Awesome art, excellent music, fantastic pacing, and incredible dialogue. This game owns. Hard. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It is well worth your time.

Absolutely loved the visuals and music in this game. Wanted so badly to play more, but the controls demand you constantly press the shoot button over and over which really irritated my fingers, which have some joint issues (probably from years of video games). If this game has the option to fire nonstop just by holding a button down, I would absolutely play a lot more. Hopefully one day it will...

Cool visual aesthetic, good music, surprisingly great dialogue, and very weird combat.

I darn good time. Feels real good with a controller. I only wish there was more.

Incredibly chill and absolutely beautiful. Fantastic times hanging out and exploring. Wonderful little character interactions as well.

Good times playing this on my phone with an emulator. I really sipped on it for several weeks. Great for on the toilet.

A lot of potential here. But the controls were bad.

This game brought forth one of the earliest existential crisis I can remember. No matter how good I was, no matter how fast I went, I could never escape that which is most inevitable: death.

I played this fantastic updated version of Asteroids on the Game Boy Color. Much more complexity to it than the original.

Best played on a vodka cooled PC. Stay cheeki breeki!

You get to wield a big fish as a weapon at once point. What more do I need to say? What more do you need to hear? Play Dynamite Cop.

The Art of Learning tutorials in this game are fantastic for learning the fundamentals of chess theory. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Chess.