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A Desert Bus homage that retains much of the original experience but trades the pain of extreme patience and exhaustion for the pain of demanding continuous input from the player.
Heatstroke seem unsatisfied to simply be Desert Bus with typing and includes a large quantity of interesting art assets and a shockingly extensive soundtrack, these additions however seem to come from a place of bargaining knowing that Heatstroke will never live up to the legacy it celebrates.
The narrative the player is forced to type is highly engaging (if a little slow to start) which is almost crueller than if it was just mindless drivel. In fact HeatStroke seems to be obsessed with cruelty, limiting the players pause time, declaring their progress not being worth saving and actively lying to the player on various occasions.
All in all HeatStroke feels more like tumour plucked from the brain of a insecure wreck of a developer than a project ever intended to be played by human beings.

A game that seeks to reignite the immersive sim genre but gets far too bogged down in its own idiosyncratic jank.

A broken mess that many have Stockholm syndrome for. Run.