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A great introduction into the DuelSense controller and PS5 as a whole. It's definitely one of the better pack-in games I've played in quite some time.

I don't think this game is as bad as some people make it look, but it's not great either. It has some fun locations and events, but navigating through the game is unnecessarily annoying.
I'll try to explain. There are 12h of in-game time, each hour you must choose one of the many locations of the game to travel or keep in the location you are currently at. Some events will immediately end the hour, or the hour can simply end by taking too much time exploring. It's nowhere as bad as something like Mizzurna Falls and you can save at the start of every hour and even go back in time while keeping items so getting the good ending shouldn't be hard at all, however the system gets annoying very fast, finding out where you need to be at the right time is pure trial and error and since everything is timed, you never feel fully comfortable to explore.
It's worth to play once if you are into weird 90s point & click, but if you want to see everything that the game has to offer you will need A LOT of patience.

I really wish I liked this game. I love Devo, I love inScape's other games, but it's so frustrating. The timer is way too aggressive, leading to you constantly restarting the game, and the puzzles aren't interesting either. There's some fun world design and the music is great of course but that's about it.

they had me in the computer lab

When I was in kindergarten, our computer lab instructor never actually taught us anything. Instead, she just let us play Kid Pix all day. One day, she disappeared and was replaced by someone else. Years later, I found out that she got arrested for embezzling money from the school. Anyways, Kid Pix is great.

"after you finish your typing exercises, you can play kid pix until class is over."

Adobe out here making people pay 12$ for Photoshop and like 100$+ for everything else a month and not even ONE of their suite of programs has a Dynamite Button

wasn't as into this one. dips a bit too far into being a creative tool for designing towns rather than a game where you live in one. There's not quite enough resistance between yourself and the world to make accomplishing your goals as satisfying as it was in New Leaf. I was excited for this, especially by all of the freedom the game seemed primed to give me, but I ended up being disappointed by how easily it all came

If the flaw’s wasn’t as strong as they are this would be a masterpiece. All the little details like how there isn’t an edit or crazy long load times, it’s just a long story. Every mob is fun besides the witches. The conversations between characters are also incredible.

Starting off my 2023 gaming journey in the weirdest way possible.
Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game does not need to be analyzed to understand why it's not a good game. Based off of a movie no one likes (except for 3-5 year old me) it lifts the digitization of actual actors from the movie (and no doubt inspired by Mortal Kombat) and manages to be fundamentally worse than just about everything that came before or after it. It's pretty baffling to me that Capcom put out a game in the mid-90s that feels so stiff and so unintuitive.
Since the game is based off of the movie, it's inherently campy and oddly charming, the only reason I gave this 1.5 stars instead of 1. I got a bit of a nostalgic kick seeing footage of the movie in the game, and if only the game was remotely fun, I could've seen myself playing through the "movie mode" just to see it through.
I'm glad this exists because every once in a while it makes me laugh, but in the future I'll just laugh at it from a distance instead of playing it.