A huge leap of quality in every way over the 1st and 2nd campaign modes, and the game as a whole. I adore the story mode and nearly everything it has to offer, but my god... the specifically the third phase of the final boss was way too much in comparison to the rest of the game... some bits in here are tough, but they're usually optional or a hint to go and upgrade, but this and a few other small bits are probably a little too much of a spike in difficulty rather than the clearly intentional curve.
I really appreciate all the little aesthetic and design cues they took from Octo Expansion while bringing in the scale of the main games, and the result is an absolutely beautiful campaign that's a worthy contender for one of my favourites in the genre. Just so much pure, unhinged fun.
(A 10 star review scale would be perfect for times like these, haha. Solid 9.5 on that scale, 2 gets an 8.5 and 1 gets a 9)

Reviewed on Sep 11, 2022