This is a pale imitation of the 3D platformers of old. The problems are hard to pin down, perhaps it's because the worlds are large, messy, directionless and hard to navigate around. Perhaps the move set of the eponymous duo requiring platforms that are so far apart that there's no interesting paths to traverse is part of it. Maybe the annoying swarming enemies don't help. End of the day, collecting Pagies was like pulling teeth. Each was hard to find and annoying to actually get. That's bad!

When you're a 100 hour game you want to be about this hard to put down. There's a lot to love here from dungeons that are more involved than in previous games to the overhauled confidant system that gives you lots of valuable bonuses. From the killer amount of style to the simple pleasure of hanging out in a well realized Tokyo. It's all extremely polished and has great characters, great flavor, sublime music and a lovely core fantasy of thwarting corrupt adults. It's worth seeing through! <3

Slithering around and climbing through jungle gyms of worlds is a very novel idea for a video game, however in practice it leaves a bit wanting. The biggest issue comes down to just simply the length of levels, which are so long and you can't save in the middle one so you're stuck between a rock and a hard place if you want to play something else and not lose progress. Still, the unique traversal controls work very well and slowly working your way up the terrain is pretty rewarding if slow.

A well designed word game that's simple but satisfying. It's fun to fiddle around with the possible letters and deduce words. This colors in letters narrowing down what you're looking for - words that satisfying what fewer and fewer letters remain. It's a very neat design, especially when you get Clue Puzzles, which have crossword puzzle like hints to help you along which adds to things nicely. It's a shame you can only buy Clue Puzzles in packs and there aren't free daily ones to keep you busy.

While short, this highly amusing coop experience is very, well, amusing. The simple yet zany puzzles work really well taking just the right amount of coordination while not being particularly hard. The simplicity is especially well suited to playing with a single joycon per player, which was brand new at the time and in need of games like this that showed off how useful it could be. Basically, this was an amusing novelty that came out at the perfect time.

A fantastic Shovel Knight expansion. Specter Knight is a really fun character to play with lots of good mobility that's fun to take advantage of. It's also nice how you can play the stages in any order you please. Dashing through the levels cleaving through enemies and grinding down rails is cool as hell, plus the way he destroys blocks when jumping off them make for some really interesting challenges where once you jump you can't turn back! Great risk reward, very well paced too.

It's an incredible world to discover, so open, natural and beautiful. You only have a handful of items at your disposal throughout your adventure, but they're all really well used and the way systems interact is really something. The dungeons are also very good, having an incredible conceit (they're goddamn mechs), incredibly useful abilities as rewards, and a brilliant reformulation of the old dungeon style which is more compact and backtrack free. This is a lovely game to get lost in. <3

This is a somewhat nice base building game that is also secretly the sequel to Frog Fractions. Once you get into the real game, it turns out be mostly a throwback to old DOS 1980s type games, which honestly doesn't do much for me since that was way before my time, but it's still got a lot of funny and memorable bits like giving the option to import a Mass Effect 2 save. That's a solid goof, and this game's got a bunch of those, I just wish I didn't have to play a DOS game to get at them.

While this autorunner is a bit slow there's a lot I like about it. For instance, I appreciate how you play in portrait mode, which is the most comfortable way to hold a phone, that makes it much easier to play idly to kill time. Additionally, while there are only like 30 levels, each level has 3 different sets of coins to collect, plus there are various modes that reuse levels to great effect which means you get a lot of mileage out of them. It's fun to play idly, which is all it needed to be.

In 3D World the Captain Toad levels were a nice diversion, a decent change of pace. However, as a full game? It's a little flat, and I'm not just saying because you literally can't jump, it's also true of the game. Walking around these elaborate worlds is nice and pleasant, but it's not terribly exciting and is terminally mild. Could've used more substance!

An incredible murder sandbox that's a joy to explore and murder within. You can pull off some incredible shit. You can drown someone in a toilet as a yoga instructor, or blow them up with a duck. You can dome them with a silenced pistol and disappear around a corner or follow a scripted opportunity to get some alone time with them. Paris, Sapienza and Hokkaido are incredible maps, with loads of potential for mischief. Whether playing silent assassin or a gaudy one it's a phenomenal time. <3

This Party Pack is full of all time classic games. The best of the lot is Tee K.O. which 100% rules. Combining random prompts and bad drawings to make hilarious, outrageous and/or surprisingly coherent T Shirts you can actually buy is an inspired idea, and I do own a couple of shirts. Trivia Murder Party & Faking it are also real god damn good, Guesspionage is good and Quiplash is fun with the right crowd. This is all killer no filler and that's practically unheard of for a Party Pack. <3

A fantastic Pokmeon entry that introduces loads of great features and a healthy contingent of new Pokemon and (for the first time) new regional variants, many of which were so good they instantly went viral upon reveal. The introduction of ride Pokemon allows you to have more control over your team, freeing you of the need for a flier, surfer, etc. Additionally the gymless structure is a breath of fresh air, the tropical flavor is fun, and the Rotom Pokedex is neat! This game a lot going for it.

While I loved the first Dishonored, this game really do didn't do it for me. I found the stealth to be a lot harder to approach than in the first game with levels that were devoid of higher paths and enemies smart enough to find you. Going through the levels I just could not find clean ways through them, frustrating me to no end. Also the non lethal options didn't have anything good for combat, which is problem when you can't stealth so good. Disappointing.

While the multiplayer didn't hit for me this time, the campaign is such a tour de force that that's not a problem. Each mission is really well designed with unique mechanics that are used well, fully explored and then moved on from before they get old. That keeps the campaign fresh and fun throughout, as does the basic mech gameplay which is as good as ever. The multiplayer is still pretty solid, though they took out a perk or two that I used so I just didn't dig it as much as the first. Solid!