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never played it but Keef stands like the chad in the virgin vs chad meme

as a person who is extremely bad at racing games as i lack the precision required, discovering a game where you are rewarded for crashing was life-changing
sadly i lost my original copy and every physical copy i've managed to get my hands on since has been corrupted somehow

I had concerns about a possible Burnout fatigue when I picked up this game, but it still worked wonderfully. Probably the best episode of the series on this generation, it is the core concept refined to the extreme. The racing? Does not matter so much compared to the domination inflicted on the opponents by just wrecking them in the most spectacular crashes.

Possibly one of the best from the franchise (Sorry Burnout 3 fans). Especially the 360 version that gives me this huge sense of speed. There are races, roadrage, crashbreaker, crash missions, it's just so much fun... even someone that doesn't play racing games will love it!

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